Not Healthy, 6 Drinks Packaging Is At Risk For Pregnant Women. It s best to avoid it
06 November 2018 Darin Rania Tips 161
Not Healthy, 6 Drinks Packaging Is At Risk For Pregnant Women. It s best to avoid it For most people, bottled drinks are often the right choice to relieve thirst when heat is struck. Packaged drinks are considered practical because they are easy to carry everywhere. Besides that, getting it is not difficult. Currently almost on every street corner, there are many shops, minimarkets, or supermarkets that provide various types of bottled drinks, ranging from coffee, milk, tea, soda, fruit-flavored drinks, to plain water also available.

Because of these advantages, many people, including pregnant women, prefer to buy bottled drinks rather than having to make it at home. Though not a few packaging drinks that contain dangerous ingredients such as preservatives and artificial sweeteners. If consumed continuously, the composition can cause health problems, especially for pregnant women, because it will affect the fetus as well. Well, what are the types of packaging drinks that are dangerous for pregnant women? Come on, see together ...

1. Soft drinks are delicious, especially if it's cold and drunk during hot weather. But this type of drink should be avoided by pregnant women

Basically, almost all packaging drinks contain high sugar levels. Especially soft drinks. Among all packaging drinks, soda is usually the most sugar content. In one bottle or can, the sugar can reach 16 teaspoons, exceeding the daily sugar requirement. The high sugar level is certainly feared can trigger diabetes in the mother and the baby they contain.

2. At present there are also variants of fruit flavored soft drinks. This type of beverage packaging is also no less dangerous for pregnant women

Fruit-flavored sodas usually contain more sugar than ordinary sodas. And again, some are still adding artificial sweeteners and preservatives to last a long time. Pregnant women should avoid this type of drink because it obviously can adversely affect their health and fetus.

3. Although there are frills "Low Sugar", it is better for pregnant women to avoid this type of beverage packaging

Information on "Low Sugar" or low sugar may be for some people to look "healthier" than the original version. But do you know, if this beverage has been added artificial sweeteners to support the taste to keep it delicious? Consuming artificial sweeteners continuously will not only harm the fetus but can also make pregnant women overweight.

4. Some people may feel that eating bottled fruit juice can make it healthy. Though the sugar content is also no less high

In addition to a lot of sugar, fruit juice in the packaging is usually pasteurized. The process of over-boiling fruit can actually destroy a variety of valuable nutrients in it. The process can also remove fibrous parts which help slow the absorption of sugar in the blood. The content of pure fruit is also usually only a little. The rest is only synthetic flavor. Duh, it's better to avoid it

5. Other packaging drinks that are no less dangerous are energy drinks. In addition to many sugars, this drink is also high in caffeine, you know

In 1 can of energy drinks, usually containing 10 teaspoons more sugar or about 40 grams of sugar. That level alone exceeds the reasonable limit of daily sugar consumption. Not to mention most of these energy drinks are also high in caffeine. Eating too much caffeine can have a negative impact on pregnancy, such as miscarriage or low birth weight babies.

6. Who would have thought, the water in the package also turned out to be quite risky if it was continuously consumed by pregnant women!

According to the study, the packaging of plastic bottles that wrap white water might contain the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) which is used in making plastic bottles. This material is said to affect fetal hormone balance and increase the risk of obesity. In addition, if consumed regularly, bottled water can increase the risk of cancer, diabetes, autism, and disorders of fetal growth and development. If occasionally it might not be a problem, but if it's too often, every day, you don't want to ...

That is a series of packaging drinks that should be avoided by pregnant women. Sugar content that tends to be high will greatly affect the health of the fetus. Pregnancy can be at risk of miscarriage, premature babies, or preeclampsia. In addition to avoiding the drinks above, don't forget to routinely control the midwife or obstetrician

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