Ma am, Understanding that Matching Is Not Necessary. Because Marry is the Problem of Patience
03 Oktober 2018 Ajeng Rizka Relationship 378
Ma am, Understanding that Matching Is Not Necessary. Because Marry is the Problem of Patience Unconsciously, often being asked about marriage makes you upset. Telephone calls from your parents are now more often ignored. The reason is only one, lazy when asked again about marriage. Not finding a partner is also often misunderstood by relatives if you have not wanted to try. Even though everything you have done, including looking for a mooring that fits in your heart.

For parents, matchmaking is expected to be a bridge. Make you who has not found a partner to be given a choice. But unfortunately, different parents' preferences sometimes make them want you to tend to accept, rather than reject an arranged marriage. If so, don't hesitate to negotiate. Avoiding is not a wise act.

Explain to parents if you have been searching, not keeping silent

Often there is a misunderstanding between parents and children about why they never get married. Your parents, especially mothers, might be very fussy about mate matters. Usually they are too worried that their children are too late in their career and education so they choose the way of marriage. In fact, all this time you are also trying to find and not just keep quiet. Explain to parents what you are feeling, do not hesitate.

Say that matchmaking does not always last like what you want. Your courage to refuse is needed

If you don't like the parent's choice partner, you have the right to refuse. It's not meant to tell you to oppose a parent's order, but you have the right to do it. Your courage to refuse is very much needed, remembering that you will undergo a marriage, not a parent.

If you already have a partner, do not hesitate to be introduced. Whatever the circumstances, at least you have informed

Maybe you are not an open person about partners with parents. But the absence of news that you already have a partner also makes parents panic more or less. Introduce your chosen partner even though you are afraid it is difficult to get a blessing. However, if you are patient, your blessing can be obtained as long as you try. That way, your parents also know that all this time you have also tried to establish a serious relationship. Even marriages will not happen.

Tell a target that you have not achieved so you don't want to be rushed to get married. But don't get carried away by emotion about what is happening

In life, of course you have various targets and dreams that you really want to achieve in your youth. Both from the size of your financial or career success. If you are not ready to build a household and are responsible for what you might face behind marriage life, it would be nice to be honest with parents. Understand what you are trying to do. Emphasize them if you are also looking for happiness. Gradually, they will certainly understand why you never want to accept arranged marriages.

The problem of the heart cannot be forced, it is better to be honest than to be discounted later

No one in this world wants to be forced to do something according to the wishes of others. Even though that person is your own parents. You are mature, mature enough to be able to decide which is best for you and which is not good. If you have tried to accept marriage but cannot, say the truth. Be brave, or you will live in your own regret.

Getting married is a matter of patience. Patience awaits the right time, the right partner, and patiently awaits the heart to be solid. If those who have been in relationships for many years are not necessarily doomed to the wedding, especially if only two people meet when arranged? Actually you have the right to decide, it's time to take careful consideration for the rest of your life later.

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