Luxury Photos of Changi Airport, Singapore, This Will Make You Crunch Amazed
17 November 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 391
Luxury Photos of Changi Airport, Singapore, This Will Make You Crunch Amazed Singapore Changi Airport is the best airport in the world. This airport is not just a place to land planes, but also a tourist destination for world travelers. Not a few who are addicted to visiting Changi. There are also many international travelers who sleep at Singapore's pride airport. What exactly is this one airport rich in?

Hipwee Travel will summarize the interior photos of Singapore's famous Changi Airport number one. Try to compare it with an airport in your city, it feels like it's left behind for decades. Do not believe? Here, see the photos. The airport is already rich in fun playgrounds.

Changi Airport is always admired by travelers because of its luxury and complete facilities. It's not wrong to get an award and is considered the best in the world This is because Changi Airport is not just an airport. There is a complete shopping center, children and adult playgrounds, parks, including sunflower gardens. As the appearance of the parks in the airport is proud of Singapore. Who would have thought this was a photograph of an airport? If you were sleepy, sleep would feel very comfortable at Changi. International travelers, especially backpackers, are fond of lying in Changi. Not bad enough, expensive shipping costs in Singapore

Favorite spot in terminal 2 is this Enchanted Garden park. Colorful and Instagramable, really ... Not just a park, there is a pond filled with real fish, you know. Really intention is to pamper airline passengers? Playgrounds also exist and there are many kinds. There are many games for children and adults. So it is good to wait for the plane boarding. Not only that, there is also a cinema inside the airport. You can try watching a movie there. Great salute with this kind of facility at an airport!

If there are certain events, especially Christmas and New Year, the airport will also be beautified and equipped with cute doll characters. the airport is really cool like this. Want to hang out too delicious. It's not crowded with people anymore

At this airport, the Wi-fi is also fast. Why not try? If you have never been to Changi, sometime stop at the airport.

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