Little Seoul, a Korean Culinary Destination that Hits Again in Bandung. KPop Lovers and Drakor Must Come Here
29 September 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 141
Little Seoul, a Korean Culinary Destination that Hits Again in Bandung. KPop Lovers and Drakor Must Come Here In the past few years, contemporary-style destinations like foreign atmosphere are increasingly in demand by current generations. Tourist destinations that are built with the concept of Venice, Paris, or Japan increasingly adorn the line of Instagram. This proves that a traveler is very interested in this kind of tour. In addition to the low price, they don't need to go abroad because real city is there. Yes, although it is usually in mini-size and very limited.

The latest, in Bandung, Korean-style villages also appear. This place is usually called Little Seoul which is actually a Korean culinary center. At Little Seoul, you can take a walk while eating with the Korean menu. Wow, what is the thrill of going to Little Seoul Bandung? Let's just look at Hipwee Travel's review this time.

Little Seoul Bandung, a contemporary Korean destination in the city of Kembang. You can tour culinary while having beautiful photos there

This Little Seoul location is on Jalan Sawunggaling No.10 Bandung. Not far from Bandung Station, about 3-4 km. Suitable as the next tourist destination

Culinary tours and photographs in Little Seoul are truly a holiday to the land of Ginseng. You just have to go to Bandung just to deal with the Korean atmosphere.

There are two cafes in Little Seoul namely Chingu Cafe and Chagiya Korean Suki & BBQ. There is also Dongdaemun Street that you can use for beautiful Korean-style photos with very cute mural images

Korean-style cuisine is ready to pamper your tongue. Especially if it's packed so beautifully like this. Wow it seems delicious, yeah

Transactions in Little Seoul how to pay for it do not use cash or cash, but use a card. Your money must be exchanged first in the Money Changer in the location, because the transaction is calculated in Korean currency, Won. Now you need to fill the balance on the card that you will use to pay for your food.

You can also rent Korean hanbok clothes in Little Seoul Bandung. The price is affordable, only 30 thousand per 15 minutes.

Although not too broad, the location arrangement in Little Seoul is quite interesting. There are directions, billboards, Korean lights, tree ornaments, murals and colorful walls that are very instagramable. Very suitable for family vacation

Get into Little Seoul for free. You only have to pay for your food whose prices range from 10 thousand to 150 thousand rupiah.

For Korean Kpop and drama lovers, it seems you have to visit Little Seoul, aka Mini Korea in Bandung. Not bad for you who want to go to Korea but the budget can only go to Jogja. Hehehe.

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