List of 7 Hits Ice Cream Shops in Semarang. Delicious Ice Cream, Instagramable Place
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List of 7 Hits Ice Cream Shops in Semarang. Delicious Ice Cream, Instagramable Place

Who doesn't like ice cream? This dessert with soft and creamy texture makes anyone fall in love. Ice cream also has a wide selection of flavors, ranging from classic ice cream with sweet taste, to contemporary ice cream with strange flavors.

This time Hipwee I'll be sure you want to try 7 ice cream parlors in Semarang. Why Semarang? Because the weather in Semarang is super hot, so it's perfect to eat ice cream in hot weather. Well, the destination for eating ice cream is truly unique and instagenic. Besides that, the taste of ice cream is also really good, from classic ice cream, old school ice cream, to the current ice cream, everything is there. Let's take a look at 7 lists of ice cream parlors in Semarang. Don't drool it!

1. Okay first, Arte Gelato at Spiegel Bistro in the Old City. The sensation of eating ice cream in a cultural heritage building. Yes, enjoy ice cream with travel, you can do it all

If you vacation to Semarang, you must enter the Old City into a list of tourist destinations. Spiegel Bistro is located in the Old City, next to Srigunting Park. This Spiegel Bistro is one of the cultural heritage buildings that has now changed its function to become a cafe and restaurant. Spiegel Bistro also sells gelato with the Arte brand. The taste of gelato offered by Arte varies greatly.

2. Eat gelato at Gelato Matteo which is thick with Italiano nuances. Romantic right ...

Matteo Gelato has 2 branches in Semarang. The one is on Jalan Mataram, very close to the legendary dining place Gudeg Mbak Tum, while the other one is in the Old City. Gelato in Matteo Gelato tends to be solid and sweet. The interesting interiors in each of the Matteo Gelato branches are different and each corner is fun for photos.

3. Mondo Gelato with a wide selection of gelato flavors. Make you confused about wanting to try everything.

Mondo Gelato is a new ice cream place in Semarang. You have the choice to hang out in an air conditioned indoor room or super instagramable outdoor room. The taste offered by Mondo Gelato is very much. If you are bored with the sweet taste of classic gelato like chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, and friends you have a great selection of fruits like kiwi, strawberry or lemongrass.

4. Old school ice cream at Semarang Oen Shop. If this one enters Semarang's legendary culinary that must be tasted.

You must really try ice cream at this Toko Oen. Ice cream at Toko Oen has been around since Toko Oen was founded in 1936. It's older than your age right. Although ice cream at the Toko Oen Semarang is old school ice cream, but the taste of ice cream is still really delicious to eat in the present era. Hipwee's favorite is tutti fruity ice cream. As soon as the ice cream comes, it's eaten right away. Because you don't use preservatives, the ice cream is fast liquid.

5. Try herbs in the form of ice cream at Makutajamu Cafe. Herbs can be really tasty in the form of ice cream.

If you eat chocolate, strawberry, or even kickers ice cream, make a bored, try the ice cream from the herbs. The ice cream is actually made from ingredients to make herbal medicine. That makes Nyonya Meneer the 3rd generation. Besides the unique ice cream, Makutajamu Cafe located in the Chinatown area of Semarang also has a unique interior design. It's only in Semarang I think.

6. The ice cream in Loffle is complete with fruit and juice. Fast, tasty, healthy.

Loffle is a special dessert cafe. In addition to ice cream, Loffle actually provides various smoothies, cheese tea and cake. If you just want to eat ice cream, you can do it. But yes, their mainstay menu is given the name anmitsu with fruit, jelly, and ice cream stuffing complete packages that are really delicious. Loffle itself has 2 branches, in Tembalang (uptown) and in Pleburan (downtown). The interior is really fun and makes hanging out, even though the seat is deliberately made less ergonomic and the place is small.

7. Funny ice cream tasting at El Primo Gelatio. Property photos are really cool, nice again, satisfied here!

El Primo Gelatio really knows the needs of kids today. Besides providing a super cute and instagramable place, ice cream at El Primo Gelatio has a super cute look. It's a shame if you don't make photos. Believe me, whatever your camera type, if the photos at El Primo Gelatio will be worth uploading on Instagram.

Eating delicious ice cream in an instagramable place can be a mandatory agenda what you do if you stop by Semarang. Although these 7 places to eat ice cream are instagramable and the ice cream is all delicious, the price of ice cream on this list is not expensive. Price of ice cream - this delicious ice cream starts from Rp. 20 thousands only. So, when do we eat ice cream while taking photos in Semarang? What next week? Hehehe.

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