List of 13 Instagramable Coffee Shops in Semarang. The place is cool, delicious and delicious, friendly prices
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List of 13 Instagramable Coffee Shops in Semarang. The place is cool, delicious and delicious, friendly prices Coffee has become part of the lifestyle of today's society. Actually, from the past people have really loved coffee, but just coffee at home and drinking in a coffee shop and dominated by fathers. Nowadays young people are also fond of coffee, especially nowadays coffee shops are very instagramable.

Semarang also has a lot of instagramable coffee places. Want to choose a coffee place that has a minimalist interior, a coffee shop that has unique furniture, a coffee place in an art gallery, a coffee shop in a cultural heritage building, a coffee place on the edge of a rice field, all in Semarang. This is 13 lists of instagramable coffee places in Semarang. Don't forget to visit there!

1. Reunion Cafe is the most suitable place for reunions, as the name suggests. The location is between Semarang and Semarang. The coffee in the chicken cup is very instagramable.

2. Kofitiere is housed in an old house that was renovated in such a way as to become a very cute minimalist home. Almost all of the walls are made of glass, and the wooden trinkets make Kofitiere's interior really artsy. The coffee is also really tasty and too funny to drink.

3. Ohana Semarang has a all-white building design with a modern minimalist concept. Every corner is really fun to be used as a photo object, especially because the natural light makes photos even more beautiful. The coffee is good too.

4. Kofinary Semarang has cute, unique and ergonomic furniture. Make a long stay there. The coffees are all good too. A menu that is not coffee also makes a reply.

5. Cafe Positiv is located on the 2nd floor of Warung Penang Semarang. Coffee here tastes coffee in an art gallery. Every few months, his art changes, exactly the art gallery. If coffee can be ordered at the same market snack. Very brainless.

6. Oma Coffee Shop Semarang offers a coffee experience at oma's house. The chair is a typical oma house chair that is super comfortable. The cup is also a typical cup of blirant with oma. The milk coffee is really tasty, cheap again.

7. Tekodeko Semarang has a coffee series called acculturation, a blend of Javanese, Dutch, and Chinese cultures that are integrated into coffee. In addition to its unique coffee, the Tekodeko building which is housed in a cultural heritage building is also unique. Tekodeko is in the Old City of Semarang.

8. Jendela Coffee Brewers Semarang has a unique interior, full of windows, according to its name. The coffee is also delicious. The Windows Coffee Brewers is in the Tembalang area, Semarang above.

9. Adulam Semarang has a very homy coffee place. The wooden table can be an instragramable copy of the photo background. The coffee is good too.

10. Wayang Kofie Semarang has a modern place. The walls are made of transparent glass. We can take a peek at the barristis making coffee even from outside the Kofie Puppet. The coffee is special too.

11. The Semarang Arrow can be one of the favorite places in Semarang. Cute murals on the walls of the Arrows of Semarang and delicious but affordable coffee are the main attraction for both young and old visitors.

12. Joko Kopi is not located in Semarang City but in Semarang Regency, precisely in Ungaran. So Joko Kopi has a cool view of the rice field, and is cool on the camera lens. The coffee is okay too.

13. Tulus Kopi Semarang was born from the owner's love of coffee. With garage capital and some simple brewing equipment they started making coffee. You must try the coffee Sincerely this delicious coffee.

If you are fond of drinking coffee, these places must be visited when you go to Semarang. But if you really like photos, these places are also worth visiting. Guaranteed your photos will be good. Save the list first for tomorrow if traveling to Semarang.

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