Let go If He Can Be Happy Without You, Why Should You Be Sad
01 November 2018 Alan Juni Antara Relationship 113
Let go If He Can Be Happy Without You, Why Should You Be Sad Let go, if with you he never feels happy.

Maybe that's what I want to say to you who are hard to move on. Or for those of you who feel very loving for your partner. But he never really expected you. It's hard, but you have to keep trying. Love, indeed it is sometimes a poison that can separate our hearts and minds. Excessive love will also become a parasite in the development of our reasoning. Actually for me love is simple. As simple as we understand each other. Love is the opium of my friends.

Love is also blind, said my other friend. And love is the most beautiful gift said by my other friends. I just want to share with friends who feel love for their partners, but unfortunately it is useless because it was never expected. When you have a life partner. Try to keep a close eye on your normal relationship. Not outside the fairness of a lover's relationship.

Yesterday, one of my friends said that he was too fond of his partner. In the end he tried to always make his partner, but not with the pair. His partner's treatment for him was very contradictory. Not always trying, but always avoiding when needed. Well from there, we can take the lesson that what the heart feels, we must think first with our reasoning. Because it's important to think about what to do.

Just give an example when we really love our partner, try to always be there, or even try to always love. But when our partner does not show such a thing, then will we still do it again? You should think about it first.

Love, honey, it doesn't come unilaterally. He could just pretend to use us. Mending is thought first for those of you who are in the gituin with their partners. Next, for those of you who feel that way. It's good to try to move on. Forget those who hurt your heart. Are there still many others who are more loving than you see? Try to think positively.

The move on is actually easy. The hard one is just covering up the sweet memories. Hehe.

For those of you who can't move on. Start thinking from now on. Never stop at one point. Keep fighting through it. Then, if we have a partner who doesn't want to mingle with friends, we just let go. Get away far away. Because if he loves you, he should also be able to mingle with people you love like friends or friends. If your partner can't mix with your friend, you need to be suspicious. Don't be mistaken for those of you who are benefited.

Oh yes, last. That friend means a lot to us. First, he will be an observer of our relationship. So when our relationship begins to become unnatural, or start to grow. So a good friend will come to us, care for us, ask us about our relationship. Then the second, that friend will be a person who will remain for us in any condition and situation.

Believe that friends who love will never want to see their friends cry alone. He will always be there, even more than the couple. Yes, maybe that's what I can share for those of you who still maintain your love for those who are happy not about you anymore. Never mind forget it. Your life is still long. And that life we need to enjoy, yet we are still young

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