Learning sincerity by releasing. Rest assured there will be another figure that can replace
28 November 2018 Iradat Ungkai Relationship 409
Learning sincerity by releasing. Rest assured there will be another figure that can replace You could say, giving someone who is loved is the hardest part of love. Especially if the relationship has entered the annual age. It's not easy to get rid of people who have already entered the heart even though you have succeeded in doing it.

No matter how difficult the problem is, releasing is never easy. There is memory and feelings that are intertwined in a bond, which is burdensome. Although sad and sick when living it, but there are valuable lessons that you can learn from the end of a relationship. That is the lesson of sincerity.

1. Feelings are hard to understand. Repeatedly hurt but still do not want to go, "Oh what is your heart you want"

Feelings are often difficult to understand. Sometimes your relationship is clear and there is no future, but you still insist on surviving. There are more ties that are clearly painful, but for some reason you are actually fighting for it.

This is what makes it difficult for people (including you) to let go. Feel the two things that are mutually opposing in oneself. This is why the logic is important in loving, so you are not trapped by your own feelings.

2. He may carve many beautiful moments in your life. But first, remember that he betrayed you?

Love does grow from feelings, but never separate logic from living a relationship. Because sometimes feelings obscure the fact that you and he are not happy. He indeed carved out many beautiful moments with you, but that was first. Open your eyes. Look what happened now. He has changed and hurt you more often than giving you happiness. Be aware before you feel a bloody pain.

3. Releasing him who has long stopped at heart is difficult, but it is better than the heart feels your heart hurts and your soul is tired

Releasing is never easy. But it's the only thing you have to do when your relationship brings sadness more often than happiness.

Basically the main purpose of a bond is happiness. If you haven't felt happiness for a long time, then what else should you consider? Removing it is the most reasonable way.

4. Don't force to survive if you will lose yourself. Relationships should make you recognize yourself instead of losing yourself.

"Don't love others more than love yourself"

Something excessive is not good. Likewise in loving someone. Because when people are overly in love, they usually lose their love for themselves. As a result he doesn't care anymore whether love brings happiness or sadness to oneself.

This is clear from the nature of love itself where love should make it easier for people to recognize themselves. He has been blinded by love instead in the opposite position; lose yourself when you love. It's dangerous to yourself.

5. Giving up does not mean giving up, but realizing that there are things that can't be forced

Giving up the relationship is really hard at heart. Especially at your current age; age ready to get married. But don't assume that it's a wrong decision. The decision to leave him who is not happy with you is right. Instead of continuing the relationship then suffer, it's better to just be willing.

And don't be afraid you won't sell afterwards. There are still many fish in the sea. The affair has already been arranged.

6. The more you try to reconcile, the calmer feeling. Believe God has prepared another better figure for the future

There is no happy parting, all will leave sadness. But if it feels a separate decision is the best way, then you should give it away. Forget everything that has happened, make this ending story a lesson for the future.

Take time to be alone for a moment, overflowing the emotions of the heart and rising again. Continue your life. Don't worry about your soul mate. Remember God has arranged it. You will meet later if the time comes. A better and more appropriate figure for you.

Relationships that run aground always leave useful lessons in the future. Just like when you give up your love bond with him regardless. There are lessons of sincerity in it.

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