Learning from Vicky-Angel s Relationship That Is Full of Irregularities. Come on, Love Don t Be Made Toys
25 November 2018 Iradat Ungkai Motivation 368
Learning from Vicky-Angel s Relationship That Is Full of Irregularities. Come on, Love Don t Be Made Toys Lately, the public has been excited by the noise video that concerns the domestic life of artist Vicky Prasetyo-Angel Lelga. The couple who had not even been married for a year was rumored to be breaking out after Vicky filed a divorce suit with his wife. It is said that all because of Angel who allegedly committed an affair.

But it was not a divorce case that attracted the attention of netizens, but the irregularities behind the furor. Many say all the stories about them are settings, starting from marriage to divorce cases. And whether coincidental or not, both were covered by one television station. It is a pity if all of them are settings to gain fame. Because it clearly hurts the essence of love.

1. Love is something sacred, unites many people and gives happiness. Don't mess with feeling

Love is God's gift to human beings. Love has given happiness to people who are united. If it is true, everything is just drama or setting, what they do is clearly hurt the essence of love that is sacred. Using love to seek fame and deceive the public can clearly damage the image of love.

Don't mess with love, let alone feeling. What they do should not be copied in everyday life because it can potentially hurt many people.

2. No wonder? When they play with relationships, outside the atmosphere, people who have difficulty get a match

When many people struggle to get love and establish relationships, they destroy it by using love as a drama. Love is playing around. Imagine how sick and sad they were who had difficulty finding a soul mate when they saw Vicky and Angel so easily married and divorced.

3. Marriage relationship is sacred, so don't just play marriage and divorce. How is the response of those who divorce really, must be sad

If it is true that what they do is only to look for prestige, then what they are doing is really insolent, it cannot be justified. Using sacred processions such as marriage and divorce as a barn gets a money rating.

Try to think, what if someone who was hit by a similar divorce problem watched it? Those who want to maintain their relationship must be saddened when they know that someone is using marital status to play games.

This can also be an afterthought for those of you who want or are married. Don't mess with marriage. Try to see Ivory and Gisel who are being rocked by the issue of divorce. Even though it's not a setting, it's still a pity to imagine the fate of his son, the smart little Gempi.

4. Even if it is not a setting, it is not good to spit out personal problems to the public. Just be a bad example

And even if the accusation of the affair is true, it seems that it is not good to induce personal problems to the public. Especially in Vicky's case until she was made her own program ... hmm what if you watched the kids? Isn't that not a good spectacle?

Personal problems should be kept in meetings and resolved on their own. It doesn't need to be exaggerated until you know a lot and make everything come along in anxious ways.

Now for those of you who agree that this is the setting, it's best to stop watching shows like this because it doesn't educate. The more people watch it the more the rating increases. The higher the rating of the show, the greater the chance that other dramas will appear. There are still many other programs that deserve to be appreciated.

5. Instead of being famous for sensations, it's better to reach popularity by making achievements. So that the tenacity is not temporary

Although everything is still confusing, it seems that there are many signs that show that the chaotic relationship between Vicky-Angel is only a drama of mere settings. For those of you who are pioneering careers, don't imitate, huh? Besides because this is not a good example, also the impact of the popularity achieved with a sensation is not as good as if you achieve it with achievement.

Try to look at it, many people who succeed in gaining popularity with a sensation only last a little in the entertainment world. Even if there is something that lasts a long time, it certainly cannot be separated from the other sensations it makes. As with achievement, it must last a long time.

It's okay to have the desire to be popular. But if taken in a controversial way, you should consider again. If it's true what Vicky-Angel is doing is the setting, of course this hurts the sanctity of love and marriage.

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