Learning from Thanks Kath, We Should Appreciate An Presence Before He Is Goodbye
20 September 2018 Iradat Ungkai Relationship 242
Learning from Thanks Kath, We Should Appreciate An Presence Before He Is Goodbye Recently citizens have just been shocked by the discourse on the closure of Path social media on October 18, 2018. With interesting features such as location updates or songs that were not yet provided by other social media, this made Path become the user's dream for the past few years. But it didn't come to mind, it turned out that the social media platform that was founded in 2010 didn't live long.

Since Path directly say goodbye to each account, hashtag #Thanks Path pops up. Primarily on Twitter, warganet flocked to tell their beautiful moments when playing Path. Because of this, some citizens likened Path's departure to losing a loved one. Of the many related tweets, Hipwee has summarized 4 things that can be learned from the departure of Path in #Thanks Path.

1. Thank you for what you have now before you regret losing something valuable, before regret you can only hug her in memory

Path's departure teaches us the importance of being grateful. Especially in respect of a presence. Whether we realize it or not, we often care for relationships, we often ignore partners because they are busy, often make them disappointed, and so on.

This condition is at first glance similar to the fate of Path which was once so often touched, but later he was forgotten and even replaced. Well before our partner goes like Path, be thankful for loving him and taking care of the relationship to last forever.

2. When you are ignored and undervalued, one of the ways to get back in mind is when you decide to go

Many memories have been poured on Path; starting from a congenial photo posting with an old friend, a history of check-in location eating with the ex, to a ridiculous status that makes you embarrassed to read it yourself. These memories are perhaps burdensome for people to part with Path, even though it can't be denied that it's rarely used again.

From here we can actually learn that when there is no need to be afraid to leave him who no longer appreciates you. As with Path, maybe by going away our presence is appreciated. Prove that you are valuable for the memories that you have given him.

3. Goodbye before leaving makes you remembered. Even though in the end it remains regrettable but at least you leave a good impression

Before parting, Path said goodbye to its users by giving news to each user and providing back up of our memory data that had been uploaded. Although it has been ignored, but the citizens read it as Path's concern for its users; he separated well. No wonder if the news closes the Path reaps a lot of positive comments.

Well from here we can actually learn that don't underestimate the ritual of goodbye before separating. Goodbye leaves a good impression because it reflects the greatness of our hearts in accepting the reality of having to part with the dear ones. Say goodbye so as not to cause uncertainty

4. Each meeting must have a farewell. A lesson will always be ready to accept the worst possible

Every meeting must have been a farewell, at least that was just reminded of the phenomenon of Path's departure. There is nothing eternal in this life. This is also still relevant to the issue of love. Sometimes we love someone so much that we don't realize that there are so many worst possibilities we can accept. It's not pessimistic, it's just realistic that we are ready and able to deal with pain or disappointment when the worst possibility comes.

The news that the Path will close is reaping many citizens' conversations. Many regretted the decision even though they actually were not active as users. Yes, all because of the many beautiful memories stored in it.

Losing someone may not be the end of life, because there are other social media that can replace it. But this Path phenomenon leaves good wisdom as a lesson for our real life, especially about how to appreciate a presence. Previously no one cared about Path anymore, but after the news broke out suddenly the memories appeared again - Path has been instrumental in accompanying our lives in the past. #Thank you Path

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