Leaked Questionnaire for the 2 18 CPNS SKD Test. Anything You Must Prepare Later
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Leaked Questionnaire for the 2 18 CPNS SKD Test. Anything You Must Prepare Later For those of you who some time ago have registered to take the CPNS administrative selection test and made it through, congratulations and the spirit of fighting for the next stage! As reported from the Liputan 6 page, until last Tuesday morning (10/23/2018), there were 2,673,733 applicants who had been declared eligible. For those who have passed, it's time to prepare documents requested by their respective agencies and study hard to face Basic Competency Selection (SKD) held on October 26 to November 17, 2018.

Well, what are the contents of the SKD that you will face later? There are 3 types of SKD tests to be faced, including the National Insight Test (TWK), General Intelligence Test (TIU), and Personal Characteristics Test (TKP). The following are three types of SKD questions as quoted from the Liputan6 page based on the information in the appendix of the Regulation of the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform of the Republic of Indonesia Number 36 of 2018 concerning Criteria for Determining Civil Servants (PNS) Needs and Implementation of 2018 Civil Servants Selection Candidates stipulated in August 27, 2018 and signed by Syafruddin. Look carefully!

The first preparation is to print the SKD Participant's Letter on the official BKN website available. Don't forget to bring your ID too!

Quoted from the Liputan 6 page, Head of Public Relations Bureau of the State Personnel Agency (BKN) Mohammad Ridwan revealed that the registrants who passed the administrative selection stage must prepare themselves to bring several files while taking the test, one of them carrying a SKD Participant's Sign. In addition, BKN also requires an original KTP and SKD Participant's Certificate to be taken when the test will take place. Even quoted from Kompas page, forgetting to bring these two cards can make you deemed not to meet the requirements of your SKD test! Well, SKD Participants' Signs can only be downloaded via the site sscn.bkn.go.id. However, Mohammad Ridwan explained that access to the SSCN portal is currently being restricted to provide an opportunity for each agency to be more free in completing the 2018 CPNS administrative selection process.

"SSCN is now alive, but traffic is reduced to allow time for agency verifiers to complete their tasks," said Ridwan, as quoted from Liputan 6.

Well, the first SKD Test contains National Insights Test (TWK ) As a candidate for state servants, you must know about this nationality.

The National Insight Test (TWK) that will be carried out aims to assess the knowledge and ability to implement: NationalismIntegrity of the StatePillar of the Indonesian LanguagePolicy of the Constitution 1945 Unity in DiversityThe Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (the Indonesian State system, the history of the nation's struggle, the role of the Indonesian Nation in the regional order and global, and the ability to speak Indonesian well and correctly).

Well, so from now on just get ready to increase your knowledge about these important points.

Furthermore, SKD will contain General Intelligence Test which includes a number of aspects around verbal, numerical ability to your analytical thinking ability

The General Intelligence Test (TIU) aims to assess the following aspects: Verbal ability, namely the ability to convey information both orally and in writing. Numerical abilities, namely the ability to perform numerical calculation operations and see the relationships between numbers. , namely the ability associated with one's mental agility in analyzing images, symbols, and diagrams. The ability to think logically, namely the ability to do reasoning in a coherent and systematic way. The ability to think analytically, namely the ability to systematically unravel a problem.

Those who have started to worry about language and math tests, should start preparing themselves well from now on. Maximum learning and praying are key, the rest are sure where to go, why not.

Finally, the Personal Characteristics Test (TKP) will be part of the SKD that you will face. What's the contents?

Finally, but also equally important is the Personal Characteristics Test (TKP). In this test, attitudes such as enthusiasm, creativity, ability to adapt and control themselves become tested. Here are the important points that you must prepare. Public services Social culture Information and communication technology Professionalism Networking work Self-integrity Achievement spirit Creativity and innovation Orientation in service Orientation to others Adaptability Ability to control oneself Independent and complete work skills Willingness and continuous learning ability Ability to work together in groups Ability to move and coordinate others

In addition, the BKN also reminded the participants to always be careful and diligently monitor the latest developments on the BKN website, SSCN, as well as in the relevant agencies in each targeted area. Failure of participants in following the latest information is the responsibility of each. Congratulations on preparing yourself and good luck, hopefully this Hipwee article can be useful. Excitement!

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