Jogja Culinary Tour: Tengkleng Gajah which has a Segede Gajah portion. Maknyus and make Klenger
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Jogja Culinary Tour: Tengkleng Gajah which has a Segede Gajah portion. Maknyus and make Klenger If you are vacationing in Jogja, don't just come to the tourist attractions. There are many culinary centers that are delicious in the student city. Culinary tourism can also be an option to enjoy Jogja. Moreover, there are many culinary specialties and taste authentic.

Call it Sate Klatak Pak Bari, Bakmi Mbah Mo, or Mangut Lele Mbah Marto. All of them are not in the city but rather come to the villages. Even though it was a bit of entering the village, many buyers from outside the city visited. It's not complete if you go to Jogja, it's not a unique culinary tour like that.

One of the mainstay culinary that can be found in Jogja is Tengkleng Gajah. The menu of processed goat meat but it feels like this elephant meat (so big) you should try it if you come to Jogja!

Tengkleng Gajah is a food in the form of meat that is still attached to the bone. The meat is chewy and the sauce feels shake the tongue

For lovers of sweet goat meat, surely you are already familiar with Tengkleng Gajah in Sleman. Located at Jl. Kaliurang KM. 9.3, Bulurejo, Minomartani, Ngaglik, Sleman Regency, this shop is always crowded with buyers. This is because the menu is out of normal size. One portion of a very large goat tengkleng seems to eat elephant meat. Hehehe.

Its flagship menu is tengkleng goat which can be cooked in various ways. There is a tengkleng which is tungleng, fried tengkleng, tengkleng onion sambal, and gule tengkleng kuah. You need to try one of them. Well, my favorite is the one who is handsome. The sauce is very fresh and the marinade is so pronounced on the tongue. Moreover, the meat is chewy and needs a bit of struggle for 'gnawed' from the bones. A filling that is filling and not in vain.

The menu is also not only tengkleng. There are also satay, gule and fried rice. The main thing is that all mutton is processed.

In addition to the really nice tengkleng, there are also other menus that can be ordered. There is a menu of meat slices, tongseng kepala, gule meat, fried satay, even fried rice. The satay is very tasty with spices so pervasive in the meat. Need extra bites to rip off this delicious satay meat. Will be satisfied because white rice can take itself and certainly can add. Wow, for those who are not enough, you can really be the destination for your next meal.

For the price, it is quite expensive for the price of tengkleng. But if you look at the jumbo size, it's normal. Can both make a portion. Hehehe

The size of a tengkleng that is quite jumbo will make you full. It's like one portion is really good for both. One portion of tengkleng, tongseng, and satay is valued at Rp39,000, - not with white rice. The rice costs Rp. 5,000 and as mentioned above, you can add the rice. For drinking various kinds of ice tea, ice orange, juice etc. which are priced starting at Rp. 5,000.

This food stall isn't exactly on Jalan Kaliurang but at 9.3 km you need to turn east. Approximately 500 meters from the Kaliurang road you will find Tengkleng Gajah on the right side of the road. This shop is open from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. WIB

For culinary lovers, don't try to make jumbo tengkleng and this one. Guaranteed addiction! Do not have too much cholesterol. Hehehe.

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