It turns out that all this time, how to use your eye drops is wrong. This Is 7 Right Steps
26 November 2018 Meily Rohmatun Tips 418
It turns out that all this time, how to use your eye drops is wrong. This Is 7 Right Steps Using eye drops is not easy. So we often ask for help from others to shed it. When conditions require you to use it yourself, you must often be confused about how to get the drug to enter the eyes perfectly. But sure you did it right?

Apparently using eye drops isn't just dripping onto the surface of your eyeball. There are certain steps that must be taken so that the eye drops that are used can function effectively. Next Hipwee Tips has summarized the techniques for using eye drops correctly.

1. Before you start using, make sure you have washed your hands clean

Dripping eyes with dirty hands can cause bacterial contamination. Make sure you have washed your hands with soap and under running water before dripping the medication. 2. If you use contact lenses, take off before using eye drops

Removing contact lenses before dripping medication is also important so that the drug is immediately applied to the problematic eye. Unless you shed artificial tears as contact lens moisturizers or according to instructions from an ophthalmologist. 3. Check the bottle of eye drops for use, make sure it is sterile and the life of the medicine is still valid

Take and open the lid of the eye drops, then see if there is a defect in the medicine package Make sure the mouth where the medicine comes out is sterile, so don't let the part be touched by any object, including your washed hand. 4. Tighten the face, then gently pull the lower eyelid

This is what is often mistakenly practiced. Most people will pull their upper petals, not the bottom. Beat the medicine first slowly, making sure to open your eyes wide with the direction of the eye up. Then by using one or two fingers, pull the lower eyelid to form a bag. The bag will be a place to drop eye medication.

Hold the eye drops and place the tip of the eye medicine pipette 2.5 cm away from the eye. Slowly press eye drops so that the drug dosage that comes out is not excessive. Point to the outer end of the eye that is close to the temple, avoiding the tip that is close to the nose. Remember, make sure the pipette tip doesn't touch anything.

5. After the drug enters, close the eyelid, instead of being blinked or let alone hold it open

After a drop of medication has entered the eye, close the eyes for 2-3 minutes while looking down to allow time for the eye to absorb the drug. Don't blink because it will push the liquid out of the eye before it can be absorbed.

Gently press the corner of the middle eye near the nose. The goal is that the eye medication fluid does not enter the tear ducts associated with the nose. It also prevents your tongue from feeling strange because the drug liquid can drip into the oral cavity. 6. Do not immediately drip it twice, do it gradually so that the liquid is completely absorbed

Each drop of medicine must be absorbed first by the eye for about five minutes, so do not immediately drop two drops of medicine at the same eye. The same is true if you are prescribed more than one type of eye medication that must be dropped together.

So, give just one drop for each eye (or only the eyes that hurt, depending on the doctor's advice) and wait five minutes. Only then give the second drop. 7. Finally, close the drug packaging to the meeting so that it is not contaminated with germs

Before closing the drug packaging, do not touch the mouth of the medicine bottle let alone leave it open for a long time and contaminated with bacteria and germs. Immediately close the bottle tightly after use. Then store in a dry place.

You are indeed allowed to buy eye drops freely at the pharmacy without prescribing them at the doctor. But, if the eye drops that are used do not have the expected effect, or even make the eye condition worse and other symptoms of eye disorders arise, immediately stop using these eye drops and visit an eye specialist! Hopefully the right way to use eye drops above can help you make effective use.

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