It s been fighting hard, but you are only considered brother, these 6 reasons help explain
02 Oktober 2018 Iradat Ungkai Relationship 150
It s been fighting hard, but you are only considered brother, these 6 reasons help explain Making a loved one to be our partner is not as easy as pouring water into a cup. Need tricks and struggles that are not easy to make it happen. We also must always be ready to regret hearing rejection when expressing love. Yes, that's how love is full of challenges and risks when living it.

Denied love, maybe everyone has experienced it, but have you ever been rejected by a girl and only considered as a big sister? Sad isn't it? But that is the complex variety of real love that occurs in a relationship. You must be wondering what is the cause, this time Hipwee has the answer. Here are 6 reasons that might be able to eradicate those of you who have fought desperately but are only considered brothers.

1. Your steps in the approach can be wrong. You are good, always fulfill what is asked, but it turns out that it obscures his feelings and agrees with you as an older brother

Many guys are wrong in responding to the girl he is approaching by always providing what is asked, always according to what he wants. Indeed, it looks good, but that kind of attitude only makes you feel like an older brother.

Being good and always there for him is needed to attract his attention, but you also need to take some distance from him. For him to feel the loss of your figure, make a situation where you are needed by him. Just like playing kites, PDKT also has a strategy; drag.

2. Maybe he just broke up and is in the trauma phase. Do not be surprised if when shot, answer "no" and only consider you brother

Another cause he just thinks of you as an older brother is probably because he is still in the trauma phase when you express love to him. When he had just experienced a deep pain due to being left behind, your love made him confused again by shooting him, it would be appropriate if he chose the safe path by thinking of you as an older brother.

3. It might also be true that he already has a boyfriend, and you are too confident that you rush to interpret your relationship

Before you approach it, it's a good idea to check the status first, whether single or taken. As before, sometimes people just approach without making sure first. If that is the case then you can't be sorry if you are tired of approaching, but it turns out that it is only considered as a big brother because he already has a partner.

4. Maybe he also likes you, but you timed to express your feelings, as a result the answer is less satisfying

In expressing love, timings are important to note. Your crush might never refuse your invitation to go out or eat together, but it's not necessarily an indication that he likes you. Even though it looks like he is comfortable but not necessarily he loves you.

When a guy is shot, a girl will think of a lot of consideration before accepting it. You who are rejected and considered only as his older brother may be because you have hurriedly expressed love even though he doesn't have the same feeling. Be patient and more sensitive, Guys!

5. He has the principle of not wanting to date, he wants to get married right away. So now again your seriousness in approaching him

You, who are only considered as big brothers, may be because the girl you approach does not want to go out. There is no denying that girls with this kind of principle do exist. Usually he only wants to accept people who are really serious about speaking to his parents to ask for his hand. If it's like this now, it's just you, how far your love is serious.

6. It could be that you really resemble his brother, either from the face, temperament, or the way you behave to him

Maybe this sounds weird, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Cases of facial resemblance, temperament, or attitude have often occurred in the world of romance. Can you ask your friends? There must be one who has experienced it. This may also be because you are wrong in responding to it. Your attitude is reminiscent of his brother's treatment at home.

Those are some of the things that might be the cause of why you were rejected and only considered as an older brother by him. Approaching the girl has a trick, it can't be careless. You need to restrain yourself and be more sensitive in reading the situation before shooting your hit.

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