International Flight Guide for the First Time. Important for those who want to go abroad
14 November 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 328
International Flight Guide for the First Time. Important for those who want to go abroad Holidays abroad have now become a millennial generation lifestyle. Minimal traveling to neighboring countries, just call Singapore or Malaysia. For those of you who are in their 20s and have never boarded a plane overseas, it's a shame. Why the heck, honey? This is because access to foreign countries is easier and cheaper. In the past, boarding a plane could cost tens of millions, now 100 thousand can. In the past I had to make visas everywhere, now many of them are giving free visa. Hey, what makes you not go abroad yet?

Well Hipwee Travel would like to give a guide for you who want to take a plane with foreign destinations. For those who have already been, maybe it doesn't matter. But Hipwee readers who are still timid are flying abroad, hopefully this guide will help your trip a little.

Pre-departure. Prepare passport and visa first. Don't forget the trip itinerary there

Before you go abroad for the first time, one thing you notice is the validity period of the passport. Passports that will expire in the next 6 months cannot be used. If the conditions for the destination country must use a visa, then you need to make a visa in advance. Especially for ASEAN countries you can enter without a visa.

Besides that, it's a good idea to make a travel itinerary first. How many days are there, where to stay, and also what destinations? First research various kinds of things that you don't know there. Don't get confused when you arrive at the airport.

Come at least 2 hours before the flight, if you have baggage 3 hours before it is better

For international flights, at least you have arrived 2-3 hours before the flight. This is because there are immigration requirements. In addition, at major airports such as in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, international departures are usually quite far from the check-in place. For that you should come 2 hours before the flight departs without luggage and 3 hours before if with luggage. Don't miss out because it comes tight like a domestic flight.

Enter the terminal listed on the ticket you have purchased, then check in at the counter that is available according to the airline you are using

When you will enter the airport, of course you will be checked by the airport security officer. The items you carry will be screened and your jacket, cellphone and bag must be screened. Not much different from domestic flights, international flights also require to check in and enter luggage. After that you will enter immigration. Well, it is this immigration that differentiates it from domestic flights. At immigration, your passport will be checked and then stamped by the officer. From Indonesia, it's safe. If you are abroad, you may not be able to walk smoothly. Hehehe.

Then you will again meet the officer for the second stage of the security check. Now here you have to take off all your equipment that contains metal, such as watches, cellphones, wallets, belts, hats and even shoes (which contain metal). Do not carry sharp objects such as scissors or folding knives. Don't bring more than 100 ml of liquid, even just the bottle. Such sharp objects and liquids are prohibited from entering the cabin. Entering luggage is okay. One more, Powerbank cannot be greater than 10000 mAH.

Arriving at the waiting room, wait for the boarding and gate calls. Happy flying

If you have passed security check 2, you can go directly to the waiting room. Pay attention to the call from the officer and remember your flight number. Don't even know that the flight has left. Let it be safe to meet one of the officers and ask your plane to delay or not. Yes for reasons only if the waiting room you are occupying is now correct for your flight. At large airports, usually each plane has its own waiting room.

Not many different planes on the plane. You just enter and choose the location according to your seat. Ask for seat A or F when checking in to get a window view

Enter the plane, smile and greet the cabin crew and sit according to the seat listed on the boarding pass. Previously, put your bag in the cabin baggage. Listen to safety instructions, wear a seat belt, turn off your cellphone, and pray before leaving. No different with domestic flights.

Now when you arrive, you will enter the arrival terminal and return to the immigration officer. Basic English is required

Arriving at the airport abroad, you must immediately go to immigration to get a stamp and residence permit. If it's visa free it's good. Just come, you can stamp it. But be careful if you don't speak English. You might be suspected and get a random check. In Singapore alone Indonesian tourists often get random checks. Later you will be taken to a special room, interrogated, asked by the hotel, return tickets, even if the apples can be checked your cellphone and wallet. There are also many cases of Indonesian tourists who have to return home because they have not escaped immigration. That is the importance of English even though it's standard.

If you escape immigration, your next destination is to find transportation to the hotel. You should have researched the type of transportation and the price so that it's not confused at the airport.

Well, that's how it used to be, an international flight guide that you know. Yes, hopefully you can immediately go abroad. Where is the year 2019 vacation?

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