Instead of Eating Your Own Heart, Your Relationship Must Be Ended When 6 Things You Don t Feel Again
19 Oktober 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 267
Instead of Eating Your Own Heart, Your Relationship Must Be Ended When 6 Things You Don t Feel Again A long-term relationship and as long as it can easily end if you and he are not good at taking care of him so that he always has chemistry and avoids boredom between you two. You are not a single fighter who must always maintain the continuity of your own relationship, there is still him on your side who should take part in maintaining relationships.

However, all of that should be based on their own will and the presence or absence of the love you have. Everything will feel useless if you maintain a relationship but each of you no longer feels the love that once existed. The romance has faded even more, you have no more energy to maintain. Especially if you feel these 6 things.

1. You are no longer enthusiastic when talking about future plans with him, all are just limited to "just go ahead".

You also already feel that the relationship that you are living now does not have a definite future. You really are serious about loving him, but if you want to talk about future plans with him, you can only say "yes, just go ahead".

You know your relationship has been torn but you still hope luck is on your side and him. Everything is as simple as that for you, living what is and not daring to hope too far ahead. You believe that God always has a good way to keep away who is not yours and bring what is good for you.

2. There is no trust, if he can be loyal. You are always suspicious of having a relationship

When your heart is broken many times and he only has the word 'sorry' and promises as collateral. A word that is not necessarily uttered with sincerity because the error is always repeated. It's not your fault entirely if you always suspect it.

A mind that is not always haunts you, you can't always be with him 24/7 and don't know what he does when you're not beside him. That continues to make you feel worried and suspicious. It is very difficult to believe it once again, why should you stick to a relationship without calm?

3. Everything you do is no longer appreciated, feels useless and makes you desperate.

Actually you also feel that the sadness for you is slowly bland, everything from you that usually makes him happy is no longer impressive. He always requires you to understand himself without understanding your situation, and always about it.

Even he no longer makes you and this relationship a priority. He is always busy with his own when he is with you, showing that he can't appreciate your time together. If you feel it can still be fixed, talk about it. But if his attitude is too heavy for you, it's not wrong if you let go of what made you hurt.

4. He who used to offer assistance without being asked, to meet you now, always has many reasons

As the relationship progresses longer, the nature is genuine and how much you feel saddened more and more. You realize that the level of concern for you is reduced. When you need help, he is no longer as enthusiastic as ever to help you find a way out when you are in trouble. Even when you need him to complain, he doesn't want to hear you again under the pretext of "don't complain". There is no more he who patiently hears your complaints now. Moreover, shoulder to lean.

5. Your partner, who was open, is now like a secret he is hiding. You too are reluctant to tell him a lot

In the past, you always passed your days with various stories about him, now he no longer tells much about his daily life. Especially when you used to be free to touch the cellphone, now he is increasingly seen giving a limit when he starts giving a password on his cellphone.

You have the right to have privacy, but this is not a reason not to be open to your own partner. Whereas honesty is the key to a successful relationship. He no longer looks open with you about everything he has experienced, so you are no different from an ordinary friend. Maybe you should talk about this with him before the distance between the two of you is more visible and the separation is in front of your eyes.

6. There is no more desire to straighten out problems and let quarrels go by without a clear solution.

When your relationship is too gray to continue, you and he are no longer equally passionate about rectifying the problems that you often face. Fighting for quarrels is no longer inevitable, he who used to succumb to the continuity of the relationship, now always easily raises his hands and lets the quarrel pass without a clear solution. There is no more he who rubs your hand gently to relieve your emotions or when you are sulking again, there is no more effort to make you laugh.

When you feel those things, you deserve to correct yourself. What is your mistake all this time that makes you no longer feel the warmth of love from him. Separating is a choice, if everything can still be fixed and he still has the desire to be with you, try to talk carefully with a cool head and if it is your choice, you need to prepare your heart to start a new day.

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