Important Note for Young Entrepreneurs. Important for Responding While Looking for Business Ideas
03 Oktober 2018 Muhammad Irsyad Success 289
Important Note for Young Entrepreneurs. Important for Responding While Looking for Business Ideas Becoming an entrepreneur almost becomes a dream for many people, because the shadow of the young people at that time was immediately far away to 15 years to come. If the majority of those who have dreams are young people aged 20 years, then their hope is that at the age of 35 years and over they already have several employees, tens to hundreds of customers, millions of rupiah transactions every day, private homes and strategic offices in the city center. Anyway it's really cool.

It was so cool, that the dreamers became very dominant than the culprit. They really dream of the true meaning; eyes closed, thoughts dreaming, and the body does not move at all. The next day they will tell all of their friends, and in the evening they will return to their dreams. Nato, No Action Talking Only.

1. Have entrepreneurial spirit, even though you are still an employee

To start a business, at least we must have two things: The first is science, the second is capital. Both of them do not have to be at a very prepared stage, but they are a must-have even if a little. By working with others, we can automatically get both directly. Knowledge of other people's experiences, and also salary because we become workers there.

Remember! before having your own building, before everyone knows our brand name, or before having anything, the representative of a company is who owns it. So how will our business crawl until we can walk is how do we do it from now on. It is very important for prospective entrepreneurs to make good use of time, do not empty the time after work with something that is not useful. Even if you are tired of physical activities, lying down with reading a book is one of the best choices.

2. Step with your feet, don't have to wait for shoes.

In the digital era like today, we will not be released day and night with social media. What we often see is that some of our friends do organic promotions (not paid advertisements), every day the content of the Instagram post is selling products. All contents of the Facebook timeline are merchandise, there is absolutely no image of the owner of the account.

Is this the wrong behavior?

If there is a feeling we hate with friends, as above, it means that our mentality is an employee, not a mental entrepreneur. Even if it's not good to see Instagram post content like that, then we just need to mute without having to unfollow the account. Because it could be someday, we will do what our friends did at that time. Remember, we are prospective entrepreneurs.

Then we also have to know what is the minimum viable product (MVP) or the initial version of a product, this depends on the skills and capital when starting it. The purpose of MVP is if we want to sell a vehicle, it doesn't mean we start by selling tires or exhaust. But, before being able to sell cars, we can sell bicycles first, then ride again selling motorbikes. Because the value we want to give is how other people can travel more easily from one place to another.

3. Education is a resource, not the main goal

Education is a path, not destination. So we often read on the walls of the school. Almost the majority of our parents know that a diploma does not guarantee the future of their children's career is brilliant, but still they put their children into school at a cost that is not small.

If only the educated future of his career there is no guarantee for good, especially those who are not educated?

So it is important for parents to also take a role, to provide non-formal education to their children. Like supervision of smartphone usage, getting to know anyone they are friends, manners to teachers and the attitude of helping others. Because in fact the school does not teach what students think, but teaches how students think.

4. The biggest asset an entrepreneur has is himself

Every person has their own failed quota, so spend that failed ration when they are young. When we understand that failure is a normal thing, then we will move forward with positive thoughts.

Maybe at that time we were desperately fighting for the first idea, but remember! that-failed is-is-something-very-ordinary. So when the idea feels less successful, and sure the business is maximal, immediately do the next idea. And so on. Until we are sure, the idea that we do does not require 'change' but it's time to 'develop'.

Thus it is very clear, whether or not a business survives does not depend on its business ideas. Make it difficult for a prospective entrepreneur to persist.

5. Find the best way to be grateful

In the world of business we will also recognize the term value proposition or the benefits obtained by others from the products we sell. Included there are reasons why you should buy our products and not the same products from others. This becomes a very broad aspect, not only about the quality of the product must be number one. But also, different experiences when making a purchase, who is the figure behind the product being sold, long-term bonuses as a loyal customer and of course much more.

As if we really want to convey, buy my product to make your life better and easier.

Well, if that's true, that's what we are doing. So the simple meaning of everyone's business on this earth is actually the same, namely: They are happy because they can make others happy.

Then, how to be grateful?

It is doing what we actually strive for in our endeavors, which is to make others happy so that we also become happy. If there is more income, then share some of the wealth with people who are less fortunate than us. So that the business value that is championed in our company, we also get in the real life.

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