Ijen Summer Jazz, Festival that Combines Music and Natural Beauty. So Beautiful and Romantic
20 September 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 262
Ijen Summer Jazz, Festival that Combines Music and Natural Beauty. So Beautiful and Romantic Music festivals with the theme of Indonesia's natural beauty are emerging in recent years. Indie music, jazz and folk are busy filling the music festival scene in Indonesia. Its location also varies, ranging from Lalalafest in Cikole, Lembang, Jazz Gunung in Bromo to Jazz Atas Awan in Dieng. Almost all of them have similar locations because they are held in the wild. The location is mostly in the mountains with cold temperatures. Let me know how rich it is.

Now, the latest is also Jazz Mount Ijen which will be held this weekend in Ijen, Banyuwangi. This event was titled Ijen Summer Jazz, the concept was more or less the same as that of Mount Bromo Jazz. Do you want to know how Ijen Summer Jazz is coming soon? Let's look at the Hipwee Travel review this time.

Held on Saturday this weekend, Ijen Summer Jazz will bring classy guest stars like Marcell and Andien View this post on Instagram

Jazz Mount Ijen is proof of Jazz Mountain's love for ethnic jazz music in Indonesia. With regard to local culture and traditions, # jazzGunungIjen2018 also wants to increase tourist destinations in the area around Mount Ijen. This year with a series of classy performers, Jazz Mountain is ready to re-entertain you. For more info you can see on the @ijensummerjazz instagram account and get the ticket immediately at www.jazzgunung.com. - - # JazzGunungIjen2018 #JazzGunung #Banyuwangi #JiwaJawa #Indonesia #Jazz #Festival #Travel #Ijen #Baluran

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Music festivals held in nature come again. This time Ijen Summer Jazz came to greet jazz lovers in Indonesia. Ijen Summer Jazz was initiated and managed by Jazz Gunung Indonesia (JGI). The show company also held Mount Bromo Jazz since 2008. The Ijen Summer Jazz performance held for a day has been held four times since 2016 ago. In the first year, the show was held three times. This time, Ijen Summer Jazz will be held on September 22, this weekend.

Site selection is also quite interesting. You will watch Jazz from Amphitheater with stunning views

One interesting thing in Ijen Summer Jazz is the selection of its location. This event will be held outdoor and located in Amphitheater, Taman Gandrung Terakota, Jiawa Jawa Resort Ijen, Banyuwangi. In this place you don't just enjoy jazz. While watching the show, the audience can see hundreds of pottery statues in the form of gandrung dancers scattered in rice fields as high as 600 meters above sea level.

Gandrung is one of the classic Banyuwangi dance. This dance is usually performed as a form of gratitude for the local community for harvesting agricultural produce. The dancer wore clothes with a long scarf and fan in hand. Well, at Ijen Summer Jazz, there will be hundreds of statues of gandrung dancers in rice fields. Very interesting? Right? Not only music, this event also carries the thick culture of Banyuwangi.

Then, who is the performer who will be present at this Ijen Summer Jazz 2018?

The event presented seven musicians who will give their best performances on the Ijen Summer Jazz stage. There are from Banyuwangi Student Jazz Festival winners, Andien, Shadow Puppets feat Marcell Siahaan, Idang Rasjidi and The Next Generation feat Mus Mujiono and also Sastrani. Jazz lovers will be pampered with music and beautiful tones at Ijen Summer Jazz. The show started from late afternoon at 3:30 a.m. and opened with the performance of Sendratari Meras Gandrung led by Haidi Bing Slamet.

What is the price for this Ijen Summer Jazz 2018 entrance ticket? Here are the details

For you jazz music lovers, don't miss this one event. Premium ticket holders can get an exclusive dinner opportunity with musicians. The ticket price is priced at 750 thousand rupiah for premium and 375 thousand rupiah for regular. Yes, you can go to Banyuwangi at the same time. While on the weekend too.

Let's enjoy Ijen Summer Jazz 2018 in Banyuwangi. Jazz music traces into the heart and blends with the natural atmosphere that is lively.

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