If When Your Job Interview Is Asked This Line Of Questions, Better Leave As Soon As You Can
02 Oktober 2018 Hamzah Ramadhan Success 211
If When Your Job Interview Is Asked This Line Of Questions, Better Leave As Soon As You Can

Has passed? Looking for a new place for a new job? What is the process? The interview process is easy and difficult, right? Quiet. His name is looking for a job like looking for a mate. Neither easy nor difficult.

A good interview has entered the stage of chatting with the user or HRD is a great achievement, you know Do you often have the first interview hanged right away? Moreover, I have tried to follow-up in the style of tips given with a smooth career website that is as crumbling but still hung.

It hurts. But, there are times when after the interview we don't have to continue to the next process even though they have tried to contact you. Hah? Really? Trust me. First read these things that make you sure why you don't need to continue the interview process

Questions about parents that are too detailed

Normal Why are we asking how many brothers you have. Or, what class of siblings or what are their hobbies. When asked about parents too detailed, why not? Imagine, in one interview I was asked what my parents' salary was. Confusion doesn't work when asked like that.

I still want to be on the family card, Here, so I'm not as crazy as it is with parental affairs. There are things that should be confidential. Even though I know, the times I share with them. Who are you? Well, what is the correlation between our parents and the prospects for the work to be done? How important is personal business like this affecting an interview process? We do the work, not our parents or our brothers.

Affairs of worship

Want you to believe the same Almighty, eternity or not all personal matters. Want to fast after Ramadan, kek or not go to the place of worship of their choice. You want to eat pork but it shouldn't, again it's your business. Yes, if at the time of the interview, it was asked that this would make us more elegant than others? Not really. We stamp those who ask that high level yes! What business is our choice in worship becomes a parameter of an interview process so that the work can become our own?

Political Views

This is really bad if questioned. That political freedom is everyone. We want to work in the private sector or civil servants so whatever it is, we are free to have political views each. Sometimes if our political views are different from the interviewer or the user likes to be cornered, right?

S*xual orientation Don't be confused don't be surprised. This is my own. The user asks why why now with age (btw, still under 30 how come) isn't married? Lah, my relationship with other people in any form is not your business. Really. The job will be professional. Not a baper, right?

We as candidates for a job must also know that these questions are a sign that the place of work that can respect us or not.

So, it is important to research first about a company or work to be carried out. It's not you, it's them!

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