If Girls Want To Know, Here s the Response of Men When Hearing the Word Whatever from you
08 November 2018 Iradat Ungkai Relationship 364
If Girls Want To Know, Here s the Response of Men When Hearing the Word Whatever from you Girls are elusive creatures. Sometimes when he wants something, he doesn't say what he wants. Usually just sending the codes, demanding that he be sensitive to him. This kind of puzzle often makes his lover greedy half dead.

Speaking of girls who are difficult to understand, the one thing that makes a guy the most annoying is when a girl says "whatever", when asked something. At this moment, men are required to understand the desires of a girl's heart like a psychic. Hey girl, do you want to know how your guy views this "up to" saying? 9 this guy's response or comment might be able to represent your boy's heartache.

1. Usually this girl's mainstay moves appears when she is longer or angry with her boyfriend

"It's like a default expression from girls. Example of asking where to eat, maybe they are confused themselves or afraid of the decisions they take we don't like. But usually this sentence indicates that they are more emotional, angry, like us. "

Ghufran Papeda, 23 years old, Komika

2. Whatever the context is "up to" from the girl, it could be said because she was confused by her own choice

"I'm sure the girl actually has a choice but so much it gets confused and the word is up. Whatever the context. Just lure him to answer honestly what he wants. Instead of long debates, it goes everywhere. Mending just ask to make it clear ... "

Tantoko Dwi, 23 Years, Komika

3. You don't need to be bothered yourself, dear energy. Just ask him what he wants

"For example, the context is looking for food, then the girl I say is up to ... I will give you some food menu options, along with their advantages and disadvantages. Let him think. "

Andrall, 26 years old, gecko collector

4. "Whatever" is usually confused and upset where it can lead to the drama stopping on the road. Can cause a fight

"... if I am emotional, I can fight ... yesterday when I wanted to eat I asked him to answer it was up to you. I said, how about fried rice? He replied no longer wanted. Chicken noodle? No longer want, there are other options or not? Hmmm I'm confused I choose ... so I just stopped, keep on quarreling like that ... "

Fany Hertando, kept secret, Graphic design

5. When you say "whatever" can be a girl is testing her guy. How much did he know to the girl

"If girls say it's up to him, he is hanging on his responsibilities to his partner, all of them are asking for the guy ... how sensitive, know, responsible and sensitive. It's like girls like that don't know, hobbies. "

Dict Fajar, 26 years, Artist

6. A boy's mood also determines how to react to a girl's nagging attitude when he says "whatever"

"Depends on the mood. When I'm in good mood, I usually give a place to eat. If my mood is bad, then just go to the place to eat. Do you want to save it or what is important to eat, even though in the end I also follow along with the rest

Armando, 28 years old, Gundam Collector

7. At certain times the word "up to" makes a man nervous. Over time the emotions themselves hear it

"If my girl says it's up to you, then I'll make it up anyway. For example, let's say. Where to eat? Whatever. Oh yeah, if that's the case, it's up to you. Finally we don't eat. We are both hungry. "

Fatkhur Rozi, 26 years old, Otw married

8. If girls say "it's up to you" no one else can understand his will. Just keep silent, rather than wrong

"Desperate, there's nothing more that humanity can do to respond to that (girls say whatever). Shut up, take the hoe, dig the grave yourself, part with the world. "

Ander Rahadi, withheld, awaiting a license

9. Even though it sucks, but from the word "up to" guys can know their favorites, favorite places, wants and so on

"... I've always been bickering like that ... told to choose not to, the turn to choose doesn't like it, it's like that, the answer is tense again ... yeah, sir But because of that, I became sloppy because I had been dating for a long time ... what fun she was, where to eat. The beginning is dizzy. "

Panggah Budi, 26 years old, Videographer

Other than girls who are full of codes, guys tend to be easier to understand. Because if there is something straightforward, he is not reluctant to frankly talk about it, for example 9 opinions of the guy above. There are those who openly fret with your behavior, some have understood and accepted your attitude. Whatever it is, the most important thing now is that you already know the things that guys feel when you start confusing with the word "up to you". Now everything returns to you.

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