How to get to the wedding, if your guy is still doing these 5 things every time you fight
27 September 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 307
How to get to the wedding, if your guy is still doing these 5 things every time you fight Starting from different opinions until the problem of the attitude of the unwanted partner can indeed trigger a fight. Every relationship must not escape the name of a fight, often the end of a relationship is derived from a fight that no longer finds a way out. Not infrequently also, jutsu quarrels make your relationship more closely, depending on how we take the common thread from every fight that exists.

A fight is not a reason to separate. If indeed two people love each other, surely they will always look for solutions in every fight that occurs. But, if your guy does these 5 things when fighting, you really need to think twice about staying with him.

1. A little ask to break up every fight, whether lazy to find a solution or indeed already lazy to be on the side

Every quarrel happened, only came out of his mouth. Even though breaking up in a fight is clearly not resolving the problem, breaking up is indeed, but your relationship and he might end up in a bad way if each of you still has emotions.

If he always says the word is broken, childishness is clearly still attached to it. Guys who can think adults should be invited to compromise together in order to maintain the continuity of the relationship. No matter how bad he is or if he is too tired with your attitude, but at least every fight should be discussed carefully.

2. He always doesn't want to be wronged, even though it's clearly a problem in him

The predicate always feels right, he deserves to get it when he fights whenever he turns the facts. Always looking for your mistakes too. Instead of apologizing, he even helped blame you. This type of guy will be very difficult to apologize for his pride and his selfish nature which is still high, there are again you who succumb.

3. If he gets rough and plays hand, there is no reason to survive

Maybe a guy who always wants to feel right and never speaks harshly or plays with you can still be tolerated, but not for guys who like to talk harshly when fighting with you and even dare to play.

It can hurt twice, it hurts because of the quarrel that exists and it hurts because of the harsh words that seemed to hit the heart. Not weak, but you deserve to be treated appropriately whatever he is and shouldn't be the power he has used to hurt you.

4. Instead of facing courageously, he ran away from trouble and sorry he said it was just nonsense.

Reluctant to enter the discussion with you, he was absent and difficult to contact. Hope he returns, and talking well with you to solve problems is just hope. He did return, but not to discuss the problem clearly, as if everything was fine.

Problems that are without resolution and left unchecked without a clear settlement will again become the axis of contention between the two of you later. He easily said sorry and made the same mistake again. Sorry from you as if a bargain for him.

5. You are always asked to follow the rules, but he himself does not want to be given a rule

You can't use open clothes

OK, you can't do that, bro, cigarettes

Well, I have eyes.

Among the many rules that you must follow, but without him ever wanting to do the same thing. He can be angry if you break the rules, but he is always angry when you are angry. As if he could easily take unilateral decisions. Then why do you have to arrange if you don't want to be set up?

A guy who is immature in the face of a fight, is not bad for you. It's just that, there are many attitudes from him that still need to be addressed before you choose him to wade through life together. Your role in reminding your lover that she is immature in the face of a fight is also important, because it's for her good too.

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