Horror Story Experienced by Student Groups When KKN in Lombok. Scary after the story
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Horror Story Experienced by Student Groups When KKN in Lombok. Scary after the story Real Work Lecture is one of the compulsory courses at the end of college. Because of its devotion, KKN is rarely located in urban areas. The place can vary. Some are in remote villages, small islands, up in the mountains. Yes, the name is student, the more exciting place the more happy.

But the story of the KKN times, many mystery stories experienced by various groups. Especially if the location is indeed "scary". Well, for those of you who want KKN, there is a horror story during KKN in Lombok. Hopefully it will be a consideration in choosing the location of KKN. Hehehe.

Initially looking for a KKN location near the beach. Yes, it is only KKN plus tourism as a bonus. But it turns out that in that area it is indeed known as horror ...

Located on the seafront of one of the beaches on Lombok Island, we stayed for 2 months for KKN there. Coastal areas with shady trees. The village streets are so dark without lighting at all. Cool breeze also greeted us every night. The first day at the KKN location, the villagers had told us about the myths in the village. There used to be a white crocodile stealth living on a river. And unfortunately the river flows alongside the KKN boarding house. Crazy, just arrived at the location and got a mystical story.

Sini The area here is like this, Mas, it is well known to be a place for jinns to waste children, 'said the Head of the Hamlet without feeling guilty at all.

Our house has one berugak (a type of saung) on the back. The half-collapsed berak turns out to have residents ...

Long story short, one of our friends, drying clothes on the berugak earlier. Well, our host (as long as we have never seen him eat there), warns our friends who are drying clothes.

Who is drying clothes in berugak? That has anger. Pindahin, 'he snapped curtly.

Another friend of mine also had a photo near the berugak. And strangely there were pictures of black shadows there. Shocked by the result, he immediately deleted the photo. Investigate the investigation, the act is that there is a waiting, a ghost of a black person. Scream the point!

Terror to us continues. Our friends who do have a history of 'disturbed' are finally possessed by a sinister genie

We who were gathered to discuss the program flinched silently by one of our friends. Call it Mawar. Mawar suddenly bowed and fell silent. He then slowly smiled with a heavy voice. Then he grinned and shouted like a tiger. We were shocked and scared. Suddenly, we immediately held his hand before he went berserk. His eyes glared sharply, his voice became more and more like a man's voice, and he felt stronger. We who were gathered immediately recited as best we could.

Mawar went berserk, he shouted and grinned. Some of our female friends continued to pray while crying. One of our friends came with a neighbor who is also a religious teacher. After handling him, Mawar fainted. That night's incident was so embedded in our memory that it was so creepy.

Even though Mawar had recovered, a few days later he was trapped again. Even more routine now. Another friend arrived at the sighting ...

After a few days, we moved the lodge. The owner of the house reasoned that the house would be renovated soon. A made-up reason, because until we got home there was no renovation in the house. Our assumption is that the 'residents' of the house are angry because they often read the Qur'an there. In a new place, Mawar is still possessed. Although the intensity decreases.

My friend who slept in the front room of the first lodge also experienced a strange experience. He dreamed of meeting a beautiful girl in the room. Very beautiful. And it turns out that after being traced, in the room there is a tomb planted under it. Very cool. So we gladly moved.

The story didn't end there, even though we had moved, my other friends experienced another scary story. In short, he who was playing on the beach forgot to go home. This is not unusual considering the long coastline there. Ahead of sunset he met children who also wanted to go home. Before going home, he was selfie first with the children. And how shocked he was, there was a big goat head present in the photo. He was shocked and immediately deleted it. Soon he ran away scared.

Upon our return from the location of the KKN, Mawar was still possessed. Is it possible for the ghost to come to Java? Hiii ...

There are still many stories that want to be told, but it seems like that. Indeed the area's history is so grim. Formerly the area was controlled by China, but after the G30SPKI occurred, Chinese people were slaughtered and buried not far from high schools in the area. Until now, the area was still a mystical memory that we both felt during KKN.

Let's turn your story about the mystical story of your first KKN. Share in the comment column, yes!

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