Honestly, 7 Tips for Parenting Will Only Be Read Doang, Practices Are Almost Big Zero
17 November 2018 Meily Rohmatun Young Mom 262
Honestly, 7 Tips for Parenting Will Only Be Read Doang, Practices Are Almost Big Zero Caring for babies from birth to toddlers is not easy. Not to mention if this is the first experience. There must be worries that eventually make the mother follow the advice of people or sources who are more experienced in taking care of children. But it is also the reality that makes the advice and suggestions often vanished, even if it is obtained from a medical expert.

As with the following parenting tips, which are actually good for the benefit of mother and child, but when it collides with reality, everything will become fictitious. Who ever experienced it? Cuckle together with each other.

1. Limit the arrival of relatives, friends, and family who will visit so that you and your baby can rest enough

The fact: Still not feeling good to refuse a visit, later it will be considered arrogant.

Birth of a baby will indeed be a joy for many people. Family, relatives, close friends to the neighbors of the house began arriving to see you and the baby as a sign to be happy. But actually, you are actually encouraged to limit visits to focus on caring for babies and resting enough. 2. After breastfeeding, don't forget to bring your little one to be more comfortable and not fussy

The fact is: instead of belching, it actually struggles. More troublesome, right?

During breastfeeding, often the air is swallowed into the breast milk, especially if the position when breastfeeding is not right. As a result, the baby becomes bloated and fussy because it is not comfortable. This is the importance of boosting the baby after breastfeeding, which is to get rid of the gas that fills the baby's stomach, also reduces the pressure in the digestive tract. There are a number of recommended positions to make it easier for babies to belch, for example by holding facing back. 3. Place the baby in bed when he is drowsy, but has not yet fallen asleep

The fact is: babies are breastfed, carried, rocked to sleep. Then the mother put it slowly into bed but failed because the baby was even literate again. Don't go to sleep

Putting the baby to sleep by swinging and rocking it will drain the mother's energy and make the baby accustomed to sleeping in this way. Get used to putting the baby on his bed if he has shown signs of drowsiness. Simply accompany by gently rubbing and humming to sleep. It's difficult, but it needs to be used so that babies are more independent and you don't bother in the future. 4. When the baby sleeps, try to sleep too

The fact: when a baby sleeps, this is the right time to clean the house.

It is important for mothers to rest their bodies, when a baby sleeps is the ideal time. While keeping a sleeping baby, sitting next to the baby while looking at the baby can also strengthen the bond between mother and baby, and have a positive impact on your ASI production!

5. Let the child not use diapers when experiencing a rash

Fact: When you don't use diapers, the risk is actually greater than the rash.

In addition to reddish skin, the use of diapers that are too often can also cause a rash accompanied by blisters and sore skin when touched. Every now and then, let the baby move without diapers. However the skin needs to breathe. Wearing diapers continuously causes the lower part of the groin to easily redden and a rash occurs. 6. Give your child a varied diet such as vegetables, fruit, protein and other nutritional sources

The fact is: The child is given whatever he wants, the important thing is the child wants to eat.

After the baby is 6 months old, the nutritional needs of children are increasing and cannot be fully fulfilled by breast milk. The provision of MPASI must fulfill the balanced nutrition element because infants aged 0-2 years are still in a critical period, which must receive various nutrients because it has an impact on long-term health. Inflammation that varies will also reduce the possibility of your child growing into a child who has difficulty eating later on. 7. Mothers do not forget to time to have the energy to care for the baby

Fact: What is me time? * The child is crying *

Most mothers postpone rest or me time with the assumption that he will rest after all his work is done. But in reality, a mother's job is endless! Therefore, it is very important to do it to restore the mother's energy and enthusiasm to care for the baby. Me time is also important to make mothers more calm, be able to think clearly, and also be happier to do their daily activities.

Advice and advice from medical experts is true. But unfortunately, there are still many mothers who find it difficult to implement it in daily life because it clashes with the reality that exists. Even though while the mother follows the doctor's care instructions, it doesn't need to worry anymore. One thing to note when caring for a baby is to be careful, careful and not easily panic. Hmm, is there something else or not, are there positive parenting tips that are very difficult to implement by the mother in the midst of her child care activities?

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