Hi Mother, Frequently Do These 6 Stimulations so Your Baby Is High IQ
13 Oktober 2018 Meily Rohmatun Young Mom 378
Hi Mother, Frequently Do These 6 Stimulations so Your Baby Is High IQ Not just healthy, every parent would want the fruit of his heart to grow into an intelligent child. Eating nutritious foods and drinks during pregnancy is one of the efforts to make it happen. Indeed, genes play an important role in determining the intelligence and personality of the child, but, according to Dr. Ahmad Suryawan, Sp.A (K), the formation of the brain starts from the womb to your adult! This means that the prenatal period is a critical time that must be prepared to form every part of the brain and build the foundation for your baby's future potential.

Well, in addition to applying diet and supporting activities, there are several ways to stimulate the baby to increase intelligence since the womb. Let's be pregnant, apply!

1. Stroking the stomach and massaging it gently and lovingly every day

Groping, stroking, or massaging your stomach gently is one way to reach a baby in the womb physically. This touch will create an inner bond, sending a calming message to the baby's nervous system, also stimulating the development of the brain. Babies are very sensitive to touch and will move in the stomach to respond. Along with its development, the baby will respond to touch by kicking or pushing back. This touch stimulation can be done at any time, especially before the age of the womb reaches 8 weeks.

2. Have a light conversation by asking him to tell a story to improve the ability to read, write, and speak the baby later

In addition to touch, the baby can also hear and respond to sound as a basis for later language skills. You can train it by asking him to tell stories. Talk about anything starting from daily activities, about your feelings, and don't forget to say that you love him by saying his name if it is already prepared. You can also read fairy tales or hum so that the baby is familiar with sound patterns and recognizes language formations. At birth later, the baby will respond and show the accent or language they hear while still in the stomach.

3. Listening to certain music since the womb also proved important for the process of developing your baby's brain!

Music plays a role in children's cognitive development. Listening to music since the baby in the womb will support the development of the baby's language, help his growth and development, and help develop his communication skills. In addition, music also has a calming effect and regulates neuron patterns throughout the baby's brain, especially those related to creative reasoning. Some studies show that classical music is the right choice to help babies differentiate sound types and help their auditory memory.

4. Taking pictures or enjoying the scenery can also be done to stimulate the work of the baby's right brain

You can train your baby's brain by looking at images that will stimulate the work of his right brain. If the mother normally spur the work of the right brain, it will automatically give a positive influence on the development of the fetus in the womb. Try doing it by taking pictures, photographing body development during pregnancy, or enjoying the scenery will help the baby feel what you feel. The more often you train your memory through various images, the better your baby's memory will be.

5. Getting used to doing activities that sharpen the brain will also stimulate the baby's brain development as well

Stimulate baby's brain development in the womb by doing activities related to the brain. For example thinking, reading, or doing brain teasers will also influence the intelligence of your child in the womb. So, if you want to influence your baby's potential about intelligence, then you also have to get used to training the brain during pregnancy.

6. Involve the baby in the stomach to pray together on any occasion.

This one method does not have a scientific calculation. But, there is no harm in inviting prospective babies to participate in your communication with God through prayer. In addition to expecting God's intervention in all the processes that go through during pregnancy, praying together can also strengthen the suggestion between you and your baby in an effort to achieve health, safety, and intelligence.

So pregnant women, not only supported by the intake and physical condition that is maintained, baby intelligence can also be very developed since he was still in the womb. Stimulation efforts above are not only you can do it yourself, invite your beloved husband and family to participate in giving positive stimuli to prospective babies. Come on, do all the good things during pregnancy!

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