Here s 1 Bad Flight Passengers According to Cabin Crew. This Behavior Don t Be Imitated
01 November 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 331
Here s 1 Bad Flight Passengers According to Cabin Crew. This Behavior Don t Be Imitated Flying an airplane was not a cheap thing and even tended to be luxurious. Now, at an affordable price, everyone can get on a plane with a cheap price. Even cheaper than taking a bus, hehe. But unfortunately this convenience is not directly proportional to the behavior of aircraft passengers who sometimes still do not comply with the provisions. Naturally, now all circles can enjoy the plane, but their way is still like riding a land vehicle. If it's like this, it's funny!

As a party serving passengers in the aircraft cabin, cabin crew is fully responsible for the passengers. However, there are many irreverent or inappropriate behavior that are often experienced by cabin crew from passengers. Well, quoted from Travel Insider, according to flight cabin crew, here are 10 behaviors of aircraft passengers that should be stopped immediately.

1. Using your own cabin space as you wish to put things above your head. Maybe you even feel like mastering as much as possible, right?

For Low Cost Carrier aircraft, sometimes baggage fees are too expensive. So big suitcases and mountain bags are so big they are put into the cabin. As a result, the bags were packed in the goods above their heads. Sometimes there are those who don't miss it. So stop mastering that place with your own stuff. Put the suitcase on top and a small bag under the seat.

2. This is certainly often done with you, whose legs are long. Stop, put your foot behind the other passenger seat ... View this post on Instagram

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This behavior is not only done by one or two people, many do it too. The cabin crew is very uncomfortable seeing such a rude scene. Also other passengers will feel that way. Stop, put the foot behind the other passenger seat. If your feet are really long, ask for a seat at the emergency exit. It's really wide, you can make it stretchy, you can do it too. Hehehe.

3. Not listening to the flight attendant's presentation of safety instructions. Even though that's important, you know!

Yes, even though you often take a plane, but listening to the safety instructions of the flight attendant is important, you know. Okay, maybe you are bored with the same instructions every time you get on a plane. But do you realize that there aren't many if you don't really remember? Especially if something happens, boro-boro remembers the instructions, he must panic first. Come on, so pay attention. Don't be busy yourself, play your cellphone or even sleep. Duh.

4. Often ignores cabin crew warnings to turn off cell phones. This is hard indeed!

Flight attendants may be most upset about this. Passengers don't want to lose the chance to use the smartphone one last time before flying. So there is a telephone in the cabin. Photographs of the aircraft cabin. And also status updates. There have been cases abroad where a passenger was busy making phone calls before leaving. The flight attendant came and rebuked him. After being reprimanded, he continued to call, until some time later he closed his telephone conversation and put his wallet into his pocket. Without turning off or changing to flight mode. Chaotic.

5. Like to borrow a ballpoint pen. Yes, I have traveled around the world when I don't have a ballpoint pen?

If you go abroad, sometimes you are asked to fill in the arrival form which will later be submitted to the immigration authorities. It's very common to see people always borrow other people's pens even to the cabin crew. Yes, bro, you want to go around the world without having a ballpoint pen!

6. Ask all things about flights, weather, routes, to the number of passengers present on the plane. As if flight attendants knew about everything from the aircraft captain ...

The main task of the cabin crew including flight attendants is to ensure all passengers are in the designated safety procedures. Not as a pilot spokesperson. Don't ask about the current weather or the weather at the destination. The task is not for that. But make sure everything is in accordance with safety procedures.

7. Using cellphones in excess, from playing games to watching po*n videos! View this post on Instagram

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When the aircraft has been comfortably in the air, passengers are indeed allowed to use their cellphones, although they still have to be in flight mode. But sometimes some passengers are preoccupied with playing games to disturb other passengers. There are also those who even watch po*nographic films.

8. Diomelin is a passenger for something that is not his fault. Duh, who is patient, Ma'am ...

The most common problem in flight is flight delays or called delay. Even hasty passengers sometimes get angry at flight attendants. Yes, what can I do, it's not her fault either, right? Delay can vary reasons, such as bad weather or the aircraft is not technically good. It's bad if they're diomelin mulu.

9. No responsibility with your own luggage. Asking the help of flight attendants to put heavy items into the space above their heads should be stopped. If you just object to your item, especially the female flight attendant?

Yes, this is not good attitude. If you carry heavy items, put it yourself, don't tell the flight attendants or other cabin crew.

10. Some passengers who rushed down and took off their seat belts even when the plane had not completely stopped perfectly. It's really cool ...

Although there were not many, some passengers also rushed off the plane and took off their seat belts even though the plane had just landed. Still crossing the runway instead. The gym is sure to look like this.

For those of you who often get on a plane, hopefully you can pay attention to this appeal. Believe me, if the cabin crew is comfortable, the trip will be more fun, right? Whoever you are, hopefully you will arrive at your destination.

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