Have Many Acquaintances Are Good, But Have Friends One or Two Must
02 November 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 358
Have Many Acquaintances Are Good, But Have Friends One or Two Must The more you grow up, the wider the environment you will explore. You are sure to know many new people when you are in your new environment, such as in a lecture environment, your organizational environment, an event held, or even at an internship. Getting to know a lot of people does benefit a lot, whether you add to your experience or enrich your point of view in assessing something. The world seems too small when people you know are also friends with your other friends. Not a small world, but your friendship world might be broad. Get to know lots of people here and there and your friends are everywhere too, but you still often feel lonely. Until finally you realize the number of friends is not important, but the important thing is quality friends. This is the reason why you should have one or two of the best quality friends

1. Relating to many people doesn't mean you can make them friends. Having a wide range of friends is good, you know! The people you know and friends who have been around you all have their respective roles, you can't lie if you also have their own portion for them. You know where to run when you confide in personal problems, you know where to run when you are bored and need entertainment, you know where to run when you need motivation to work on lecture matters. It's good to have a lot of friends, but still you can't make them all occupy the position of good friends in your life because of all your friends they won't necessarily be comfortable and fit when you're with you.

2. After all, having lots of close friends doesn't guarantee that they will always be ready to understand your situation. Having a lot of innercircle is good, your life seems to be like a rame. It looks like that, but not necessarily your soul doesn't feel lonely. Everyone has their own way of responding to your complaints when you want to be listened to, some can give a good solution, some can only listen patiently and hug you, there are only a few who hear you because of compassion. You can't force them to understand your situation , because maybe they really need to be understood. At least if you have one or two best friends who are already all in one, you don't need to be confused - where should you take refuge

3. Just accept the reality if your friends disappear slowly, so you know who stays at your lowest point You have lots of close friends, but the time they have is definitely not just for you. They also want to develop their own way, you can't blame them when they are busy with their business when you really need help. Just accept the fact that at this time you and they are also both becoming adults. As you grow up, you are also increasingly able to interpret which ones remain next to you when they are busy developing but never leave you and let you feel alone. Likewise you, you will not leave your sincere friend there for you when you need them. That is, real friendship.

4. Because there are times when you will only feel comfortable with one or two of your closest friends. Lo again, you have, you keep on From all the friends you have, not necessarily they have thoughts that are in line with you, not necessarily they feel right and comfortable while with you. There will be times when you will get to know them better and know what they really are, good and bad. When you feel you are not developing towards a better one with them, there is no harm in pulling yourself away from that environment. You have the right to get good friends and support you to develop yourself better. In the end you just feel comfortable with one or two of your friends, whatever your problem is and no matter how happy you are, he is the person you are going to go to.

5. It's not voters and it's closed, it's just that what you want is not just quantity but quality. Then you feel better when you have a few best friends, so you don't need to be confused anymore who should hang out, have to vent with whom, and who must share happiness with. In addition to being able to be yourself, you no longer need to be masked to make them like you. They have memorized, become your best friend, sign that they also accept whatever is inside you without exception, so do you. You are not always the same, but you always have a good way to deal with the differences that you have. You don't need to be picky and friends when you will choose the best for yourself.

6. Although not many, but a quality friend will stay solid when separated from distance or blocked by busyness. Distance and busyness never become obstacles for quality friendships, your mind seems to have fused together so comfortably. There is never an awkwardness even though it's separated from distance or busyness that makes the intensity of your meetings not too often. You and your friends never run out of chat material. It is precisely with the busyness of each of you, you and he have so many things to tell. Whether you or he can still show caring and support even though you are getting older and becoming busy yourself.

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