GPA Is Not Everything. But These 5 Things Are the Reason for a Good GPA Still Important You Have
26 September 2018 Dwita Apriliani Success 433
GPA Is Not Everything. But These 5 Things Are the Reason for a Good GPA Still Important You Have When entering the world of lectures, you may feel unhappy with an academic system that requires IP (achievement index) to amount to "so many" so as not to drop out (DO) from campus. This causes you to be clever in dealing with time between attending classes and student organizations. Not to mention if you go to college while working, there will be a lot of time spent every day.

The assumption that the GPA is important, you have to do it because when you are involved in the world of work, more soft skills are needed than GPA. You also think that the GPA doesn't have to be everything. But in fact, the GPA is actually important, you can achieve your dreams in the future. This is because to go to the world of work, the GPA is like a gate so that you can continue your future to the next stage. Let's look at the review of the importance of GPA in knitting dreams that you have prepared for you.

1. GPA helps you pass the early stage selection of the world of work - like a kind of key to open a gate.

* HRDs are browsing CV job applicants *

"Okay, isn't this kid? There are many internships, but the GPA is far from our standard, "

"Just another one. We recruit graduates according to office standards. Children who lack soft skills if taught for a long time also understand, "

Soft skills are indeed important, especially if in the world of work you succeed in becoming number one among your colleagues who are in the same class and class. However, to make it easier for you to enter a company, it turns out that you have to go through a fairly rigorous selection process. Usually the submitted CV will be carefully assessed by the HRD and this is the initial stage that will open the gate of your work for the next. Usually in recruiting employees, the company has a standard that must be possessed by prospective applicants.

2. It's time for S2 to continue. It turns out that the GPA is also influential, you will be accepted to continue your master's degree at the dream campus or not.

"Don't go on with the S2?"

"It's hard bro. My GPA is not enough, less than 3, "

Your dream of studying as high as possible is not as easy as before. What you used to think about S2 was like taking an independent test when you entered the undergraduate program first, you know it was different. The GPA value during S1 becomes one of the requirements that must be in accordance with university standards. If your GPA does not meet the standard, it is quite difficult to continue with S2 or maybe you are looking for another university as a substitute. Who knows there is a university that requires a GPA for S2 below 3.

3. The number of scholarship programs offered makes you want to be one of the winners. If you look at the requirements, again the GPA becomes one of the considerations.

"Add the scholarship! But you have to keep your IP every semester, "

Who doesn't want to join the scholarship? Tuition fees become lighter even you can save for other needs, you know, but it depends on how you manage expenses. In addition, a good grade GPA also opens your way to a scholarship to study abroad. However, this needs to be supported by your foreign language skills.

4. Euphoria GPA was felt at graduation, this was one of the moments that parents were waiting for. Especially if you succeed in becoming the best graduate.

"That my son, who came forward, was announced during the campus graduation ceremony this morning,"

Which parents are unhappy and proud if their children have succeeded in becoming the best graduates or graduates in their generation? Even though euphoria is happy only a few moments after graduation, but you at least have succeeded in making proud and happy parents. Not to mention yourself, you must be happy too, years of spending time for education for the future have paid off. It doesn't have to be the best graduate student, but just GPA above the standard has made parents smile happily. Right or not?

5. When you want to go to the aisle, sometimes there is a fun-for-in-law candidate asking for the past while in college. No exception to the GPA ...

"Wow, now civil servants have been appointed, it's really fast. What was the first time when the class was GPA?


Actually, it's just a fun chat, but what is the power of the question that makes you remember enough again that this college age must be answered. Well you want it or not it must be answered if you want your relationship with potential partners to get into the aisle. It's not wrong with the question, after all, your prospective in-laws will really want to know the background of their future daughter-in-law. Hipwee suggest, well, smart, you just answered the question, huh. Have you prepared it yet?

Maybe the community's assessment of the high GPA was always not very important, but in fact the GPA has a useful role for you. Starting from opening gates in the world of work, continuing S2, getting scholarships, making it easier for you to become a prospective son-in-law. Although active in organizing and studying while working, don't forget about college. Excitement! Credit Featured Image:

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