Girls Can Get High Payments from These 6 Professions. A Steady Career, Being Independent Is Not A Dream Again
08 November 2018 Meily Rohmatun Success 287
Girls Can Get High Payments from These 6 Professions. A Steady Career, Being Independent Is Not A Dream Again Many people say, girls find it hard to get a high salary because there is a gap in the amount of income between girls and boys for the same type of work. However, now times have changed, girls also have the same rights as every guy in terms of a career and earning income. Even in certain professions, girls tend to have better career opportunities than boys. The salary offered is no less compared to the salary given to boys.

Next Hipwee Success outlines several types of professions for girls who have the potential to earn high income.

1. Girls are suitable for providing service with friendliness, the profession as a flight attendant will provide high income for them

Even though this work can be done by both girls and boys, not many know that flight attendants have an average salary that is higher than the steward. The large number of flight attendants needed by airlines compared to their fitness shows that this profession prioritizes women.

They are believed to have a more friendly service when becoming a flight attendant. This is the reason why the flight attendant's average salary is higher than the stewardess. But keep in mind that high salaries and the benefits of flight attendants are certainly followed by high risks.

2. Because things about makeup are more identical to girls, the profession as a Make-up Artist (MUA) provides a great opportunity for girls

The growing world of beauty has given birth to a lot of talented talents who choose to work as MUA. This profession is not only limited and attached to a girl figure, in fact there are still some guys who choose to pursue careers in this field.

However, it does not rule out the possibility of MUA girls earning more than MUA guys because they are more trusted in terms of their skills to play with make-up. Don't be surprised if this job has a lucrative income. Famous MUA can get paid tens of millions for one make-up.

3. Have the advantage to get the sympathy of others, the profession of Public Relations (PR) will provide high salaries for girls

The PR profession is one of the few high-paying professions suitable for girls. This profession requires that someone has good communication skills. One of the advantages of girls is to get sympathy easily. Girls are known as thinkers who are more skilled in multitasking than boys.

Under any circumstances a PR must be able to find solutions to solve problems, as girls who are usually able to respond more quickly. That way it's easier for a girl to build communication as homework when compared to boys. This is the reason why girls will be paid more in carrying out their profession as homework compared to boys.

4. Girls are figures who use ratios and tastes, so the Human Resources Department (HRD) profession is very calculated

Not like guys who generally only rely on logic in everything. The main task of an HRD is to handle humans. An HRD can't just force logic to overcome HR problems. With the presence of women in HRD, HR issues will be easier to understand so that it is easier to find solutions.

Maybe it's because of the nature of girls who can be more tolerant and understanding of different personalities, making them more calculated in this one department.

5. Girls therapists are believed to be more skilled in this field than boys

Although this one job does not require education until S2, the fact is that female therapists are believed to be more skilled in this field than boys. Jobs that require patience, empathy, caring are quite high because dealing with rehabilitation, healing injuries, or special therapy is seen as more suitable for girls. The work of this girl turned out to also make them get a bigger salary than the boys!

6. Needing high accuracy, work as a dentist will provide a high enough income for girls

Dentists are a profession that is generally cultivated by girls. This work requires very high accuracy. Therefore, girls are very suitable to cultivate this profession. Girls are generally more expert in terms of accuracy when compared to boys. The question of a dentist's salary does not need to be doubted. The rates charged for one-time dental treatment are usually not cheap, so the monthly income of the dentist is certainly very large.

Nowadays girls are no longer number two in terms of work. Not that in this case Hipwee compares gender, you know, it's just that girls have many advantages that boys don't have. That is why, certain careers can work better if the girl does it. Don't be discouraged, you girls can also have high income.

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