Get to know Doula, Professional Childbirth Companion Professional. What s the difference with a midwife
12 September 2018 Andhika Lady Maharsi Young Mom 387
Get to know Doula, Professional Childbirth Companion Professional. What s the difference with a midwife Childbirth companion professions, or called doulas are not commonly known in Indonesian society. We are more familiar with midwives, doctors, or dukuns as heroes who help mothers during childbirth. Well, do you know, that there is a profession called a doula, that is, a woman who is in charge of accompanying a woman giving birth before, during, and after giving birth.

Just accompanying giving birth? How come it looks easy?

It turns out not just \"accompany\", which is the responsibility of a doula is to provide emotional and physical support, and provide birth assistance professionally. Unlike midwives who have to take health education for 3 years, doulas do not always come from medical education. Want to know how the doula profession is, see it until it's finished.

The concept of a doula is to restore the birth habit in ancient times, that generally a woman helped another woman who was giving birth

Primarily, the concept of the doula returns the views and habits of giving birth to women in ancient times, namely at every birth event, a woman will be accompanied by her friends who gather to help. The concept of midwives and assisting doctors of mothers giving birth at that time does not yet exist, because birth is not something that is considered a disease. It even tends to be considered taboo and covered up.

Let's imagine a situation in the 18th century; when there are pregnant women who want to give birth, they do not then visit the health center. Instead of contacting a doctor, the mother's family and friends will gather at her home and prepare for the needs of the child to give birth, such as hot water, towels, prayers and incantations if needed. They will accompany the mother to experience contraction until the time of birth. This is the only solution to help mothers give birth at that time.

The role of the husband at birth is second to none, but professionally, the doula understands the techniques that make you less pain

Indeed the presence of a husband at the delivery table will provide peace for the mother to give birth, but about professionalism, the doula remains the champion. Doula provides knowledge that can help mothers to remain relaxed during labor. For example, helping to massage at special points, help regulate breathing, to get food or drinks for the mother. With this in mind, it is expected that the mother's chance of giving birth naturally can be achieved.

There are many world-class photography that perpetuate the services of a Doula. This is an example

Reporting from Boredpanda, a Melbourne doula has perpetuated the birth process for their goals to educate, and give a better understanding of birth. It is hoped that with so many photography works like this, birth is no longer considered taboo. Everyone can access, everyone can learn, and everyone can think of birth as natural.

Because of the popularity of the doula profession today, many of them are concurrent or even collaborate with the photographer's birth. Generally giving birth mothers will feel insecure if photographed by male photographers, so that with the doula-photographer trend can also be a new niche market in the documentation of birth.

If you are alone, are you interested in the birth of your child later (even photographed) by a doula? Or even you who want to become a doula?

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