Gamcheon Village, Colorful Village in Busan South Korea. Previously Slum Now Instagramable
22 September 2018 Dinilint Travel 241
Gamcheon Village, Colorful Village in Busan South Korea. Previously Slum Now Instagramable

Who likes to buy promo airplane tickets? This is really me. I was so excited to find a promo ticket, I didn't care where the ticket was going, the ticket was important and the price was super cheap. Isn't this the rich one I have?

As a result of buying a promo ticket, I didn't accidentally go to Busan in South Korea. The name is the promo ticket brings this blessing. Busan turned out to have many exciting tourist destinations. One of them is Gamcheon village, a colorful little house complex located in the hills to be one of the most exciting places when I go to Busan. What is interesting? Let's look at the review.

Gamcheon Village, a colorful village in Busan. Who would have thought this village was a former refugee shelter

Gamcheon Village is a colorful village in Busan. Its location in the hills makes small houses colorful like stacking together. This actually makes Gamcheon Village look more beautiful and artistic. Although now Gamcheon Village is full of pastel colors, in the 1950s this village was a Korean refugee shelter in wartime. Gamcheon Village was a war free zone in the past.

Refugees at Gamcheon Village feel at home and don't want to leave. As a result new houses appeared and Gamcheon Village looked shabby.

War refugees in Gamcheon Village turned out to live there. After the war was over, instead of returning to their place of origin, they stayed and settled in Gamcheon Village. As a result, there were many small houses overlapping in Gamcheon Village which caused the area to look shabby at that time.

Dreaming of Machu Piccu in Busan was successful. Gamcheon Village now has a happy atmosphere.

In 2009 the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea undertook a project for Gamcheon Village called Dreaming of Machu Piccu in Busan. The government invites artists to decorate the Gamcheon Village with bright pastel colors, paintings, murals and artwork so as to provide an atmosphere that makes happy.

Gamcheon Village is full of murals, paintings and artwork . Besides functioning as a home, there are also art galleries, boutiques and even food stalls in Gamcheon Village.

Now if you visit Gamcheon Village, you will find a colored house colorful with a variety of murals that are funny and high-art. You will also find beautiful paintings, and various kinds of artwork. Apart from being a place of residence for the locals, there are also houses in Gamcheon Village that function as art galleries, boutiques, even food stalls.

Hunt fish in Gamcheon Village. This is an exciting way to explore each of Gamcheon Village's passages.

Tourism in Busan is really creative. In addition to photos with colorful house backgrounds, there are exciting activities that can be done at Gamcheon Village, namely hunting fish. Gamcheon Village is a village with narrow passages that can make anyone stray. But there are small and large fish that are installed along the corridor. If you follow the instructions from the fish, you can find the alleys to fully explore Gemcheon Village.

There are many art galleries and interesting shops. In each place there are exciting challenges and if there is a prize,

This fish guide will take you to various art galleries and interesting shops. In each place, you will get certain challenges such as puzzle toys and the like. If you succeed in meeting the challenge you will be able to stamp it in the book. This book can be purchased for 2000 KRW at the tourism center. The location of this tourism center is right in front of the bus stop where you want to go to Gamcheon Village. If your stamp is full you will get a gift. When I got there I got a beautiful picture card with Gamcheon Village. Exclaimed right.

Gamcheon Village, which used to be a shabby refugee place, can now be an instagramable place. Especially if successfully bring a souvenir because it managed to follow the fish instructions. Actually there are many colorful villages in Indonesia that are also exciting like Gamcheon Village in South Korea. Hopefully the prestige can be rich in Gamcheon Village.

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