Forget the Korean Oppa-oppa first, this is 15 Crazy Rich Asians actor charm Henry Golding in a suit
19 September 2018 Meily Rohmatun Style 220
Forget the Korean Oppa-oppa first, this is 15 Crazy Rich Asians actor charm Henry Golding in a suit The world of cinema is again being stirred by the Crazy Rich Asians film, which tells the story of a romance journey between lovers who are full of surprises and their own twists and turns. Where the girl, Rachel Wu, just realized that Nick Young, her lover is a descendant of a conglomerate in Singapore. Try to imagine, already handsome, rich again.

Apparently the good looks of Henry Golding, the actor Nick Young is real and not only seen on the big screen. This Malaysian-English mixed man always appears clumsy and smart in his daily life. The charm is not even inferior to the Korean oppa-oppa that is loved by young people today. Try to see the style of Henry Golding who looks so charming in a suit. Don't imagine that the suit is just black and white, Henry Golding is one of the smart ones who mix and dare to explore your colors!

1. Here's the look of Henry Golding in a full suit. White shirt, vest with matching colors with coat and pants, plus motif tie accents. Don't forget the clock and the black pant

2. Henry wore a suit without a vest but pinned a handkerchief to give the impression of a modern, formal

3. Want to be formal but not very rigid? Imitate Henry's style that blends a suit with a white shirt without a tie. Free but harmonious subordinates

4. Creating with a blue suit benhur combined with the inner motif shirt seems to be Henry's key to appear edgy but still neat when

5. Another one that became a trademark of Henry in a suit, he was often seen wearing a trousers without socks to imply a less formal style

6. On another occasion, Henry also did not hesitate to combine a no-tie suit with sneakers, especially for outdoor wear

7. No sin, too, how come I wear a suit, but the shirt is a shirt, not a shirt. But make sure the color is solid and clean without stains, yes!

8. You don't have to wear the shirt, you can wear a stripe patterned shirt with the color adjusted according to the suit

9. Use all white? Why not? So that it looks dynamic, wear a coat that has several levels of younger gradations. If you want to relax, use jogger pants and suits that are cool and fall in material

10. The next semi-formal style is to wear a motif in a shiny color shirt with sneakers

11. To display a slightly conservative masculine impression, Henry wears a double breasted suit complete with tie. Suitable for coming to formal events

12. If you want a style that isn't too formal, you can choose a patterned double breasted suit and a shirt without a tie like this

13. To attend a special event, Henry wears a custom maroon suit that has a glossy silhouette on the collar and girth

14. Other fancy suits like the shiny motif suits worn by Henry the following. Usually for photoshoot needs

15. Henry also did not hesitate to wear suits with colors that are rare and vibrant. Like olive and dark green made from corduroy or satin

It could be that wearing a suit so Henry Golding's key to appear masculine and dapper. Evidently, on several occasions he was seen wearing it. But that doesn't mean you, the guys who want to look cute must wear a suit too. This article only inspires solid style when wearing a Henry Golding-style suit that is on the rise. The most important thing is to look neat and not messy, with any clothes.

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