Forget about Korea s Step Skincare, which was a dozen steps. 3 Pillars of Face Care Ala Dermatologist Is Enough For You
27 September 2018 Raisa Angelin Tips 119
Forget about Korea s Step Skincare, which was a dozen steps. 3 Pillars of Face Care Ala Dermatologist Is Enough For You Who doesn't want to have healthy, bright and smooth skin free of problems?

Hayo, surely everyone wants it right? Various ways are even willing to be done in order to have normal facial skin dreams, free from various problems such as blackheads, zits or dry irritation. To get healthy skin, of course there are ways that need to be done, ranging from maintaining a healthy lifestyle to performing certain skin care rituals.

Now, from the many series of treatments, there are interesting things that recently Hipwee got when chatting with useful skin doctors, Dr. Dikky Prawiratama, M.Sc, SpKK. As it turns out, caring for the skin can be made easy and simple, it doesn't have to be complicated to do 9 or even 10 steps of Korean skincare that seem to be meticulous. According to Dr. Dikky Prawiratama, M.Sc, SpKK, most people are fixated on various skin care trends, even though the most important thing is not what is being hit, but what your skin really needs. As long as the 3 main pillars of your skin care are fulfilled, usually skin problems will rarely even come. What are the 3 main pillars? Read the Hipwee Tips review this time until it's finished!

The first pillar is cleaning. Yup, in treating the skin the cleansing steps include many things, from the basic things like washing your face to exfoliating dead skin cells

Basically, your skin needs 3 main cleaning steps that need to be done regularly. Starting from cleaning the skin from residues such as dust and make-up with creams, gels or cleaning water, followed by washing your face with face wash soap that matches your skin. Don't think face wash soap should be expensive, even Dr. Dikky Prawiratama, M.Sc, SpKK bluntly said that if you already fit the cheap face wash soap on the market, just go for it! Another step is to do exfoliation a week or even once a month, according to the needs and type of each skin. You can do your own scrub at home or chemical peels at the skin doctor's subscription.

In essence, always keep the skin clean and do not allow old dirt to accumulate because it can clog pores and risk creating blackheads and zits. Anyway, keep your hands away from facial skin, because the habit of touching your face with dirty hands can make your skin become spotty easily.

The second pill is moisturizing. Eits, don't think that dry skin needs to be moistened. All skin types need moisturizers, you know!

There are various types of products on the market that are offered, ranging from essences, emulsions, creams and so on. The point is to choose products that are able to moisturize and nourish your skin to taste. No less, also not excessive. You also don't have to attach a variety of products with the same functions. Unless your skin is super dry, the moisturizing cream or essence is enough!

The third pillar is protected. Yep, don't forget to protect your skin from the bad effects of UV A and UV B rays

The third important step is to protect your skin, especially from the sun. Remember, exposure to unfiltered UV A and UVB rays will make the skin become dull, rapidly aging and even more scary, triggering dangerous skin cancer. Therefore, do not be lazy to use sunscreen cream with SPF of at least 30 PA ++ to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. The best time to apply sunscreen cream or gel is 15-30 minutes before exposure to direct sunlight. If it's only been minute to apply it straight out of the house it's useless!

Anyway, don't be stingy to use sunscreen protective products. According to Dr. Dikky Prawiratama, M.Sc, SpKK, to cover the face and neck (up to the back of the neck you know!), It takes approximately 1 tablespoon of cream or gel of sunscreen. Protecting your facial skin from a young age (even since a baby!) Will make your face last longer and healthier longer.

Lastly, what's important to remember is that not all trends are good for every skin and not always skin care is super expensive and drains the contents of the account. As long as all your skin's main needs are met, you are good!

You don't have to always follow the latest skin care trends to get healthy (almost) perfect skin because the skin care products fit together. So let's rely on skin needs and effects, is it suitable for your skin? If you are suitable and your skin is satisfied with 3 skin care products such as face wash, moisturizer and sunscreen, yes. The important thing is to do skin exfoliation at least 1 week or once a month to eradicate dead skin cells. This applies to those of you who are girls or guys, huh.

Now, now you know that caring for your skin can be made easy and simple? As long as your skin is happy with the skin care that you are taking now, just continue. Likewise, if your skin is irritated, severe spotty and using any product as if it doesn't work, immediately consult a dermatologist. Remember, if you try cosmetics trends at will, it is different from skin care that is more essential for your health and is the foundation for the appearance of your skin. Hopefully this article is useful!

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