For You Who Can t Choose Who Will Fall in Love, Hope This Post Can Strengthen You
12 September 2018 Ananti Primadi Relationship 141
For You Who Can t Choose Who Will Fall in Love, Hope This Post Can Strengthen You I write this article to all those who are still patient to share with him who is still in doubt. This paper also dedicates to all those who still do not realize how there is someone who patiently always silently prays to the Almighty. Those who are still sincere in their prostrations, in silence, that God will awaken to him who is still not moving from his past. Until he is still in doubt, he will soon be sure to choose his future. That we are the best people who will accompany him to create beautiful stories in the rest of life in this world.

We really cannot choose who we fall in love with, including perhaps the first love that is very difficult to forget. But life always gives choices, there will always be an opportunity to choose with whom we will spend the rest of our lives together. Your love story with your first love may be very beautiful, but we can create our own stories and be happy with the way we are grateful for what we have. I\ve also fallen in love and the beautiful story of my love may not be with you, but when I silently chose you then when will you open your heart?

What are we? Friends? Are there friends like this? And can we both hold our hearts from feeling hurt to each other? If you don't feel hurt, then maybe I will be hurt later. We are two people who meet at kilometer 80, and don't know which kilometer we will stop, turn or even stay together until the last kilometer in the breath of our lives. I know but I pretend not to know that you are still in doubt and deadlocked. I just missed each of your names in the prayer of my prayer. I am patient for my choice to fight for you in my silence.

Me and all the people out there who are still faithful in silence pray that God will open your heart. I am the same as you, you are not my first love and neither is someone I love deeply because I want to love you when we promise one kilometer to walk together until the last breath. I am patient because I want to show God, that you are the choice that is always in silence I stand for.

Get up, because the past will not provide a future for you. We are the same, both without loving each other. I have realized I want to stop looking and choose you as the person I will love in the rest of my life, even though you are still in doubt. There is nothing I can promise, may God want us to be able to choose each other to create beautiful stories together for the last kilometer.

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