For those of you who are lazy doing thesis, remember tomorrow is much heavier than this
18 November 2018 Anisa Meidayanti Motivation 470
For those of you who are lazy doing thesis, remember tomorrow is much heavier than this For anyone, thesis is always synonymous with a tiring process and really testing patience. Starting from the many revisions to lecturers who are difficult to contact. The desire to immediately hatch from the lecture bench and face the next life challenges, became a strong push for the number of students working on thesis. But in reality, not all processes run easily. The final exam of all academic processes makes you have to go the extra mile.

Stress can lead to not touching the work of your thesis making its own burden amid the immediate graduation desires. Especially if you see other friends who have overcome their obligations and graduation with joy. Add the load hehe.

Here are some messages for those of you who are struggling to lift your script, I'm also struggling, you know!:

1. Your script is your greatest work

Thesis definitely covers the problems that are around us. Indirectly it's your attitude towards the environment. With the thesis the problem that you are researching will be revealed and may later find a solution.

Your script writing can also be an inspiration and reference for other people. So be serious!

2. Proof that you are not an ordinary student

The most important thing about thesis is the way you uncover the problem. All the processes that you will take are proof that you are able to conquer one by one in completing your thesis. The people around you, especially your supervisor, will see how tough and serious you are in completing your thesis. This can also be a place to prove who you really are. Hehe

3. Thesis proof of love for yourself

Love what you do and do what you love. As much as possible your research problems are things that are of interest to you or even the things you are struggling with at that time. That way you don't feel burdened and more grateful for everything you have done.

4. If you think the thesis is a burden, don't expect you to develop further

Thesis is also a challenge area for you to complete a mission in the course of your life. When you consider a thesis to be a burden that makes you stressed or can't even make you free, you are wrong. Thesis is still a small part of the process of your life's journey. Thesis, becomes a medium for you to express all your freedom of opinion regarding a problem. So, it is ok, aka slow but sure, hehe

Nothing is more meaningful when you successfully complete a challenge. Challenge after challenge clearly has a different burden. Face it and adjust yourself to challenges that you have to deal with or not. So that you understand how it feels to fight! Happy thesis!

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