For Girls Who Are Exploring the Period of Approach 5 These Things You Should Do
15 Oktober 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 359
For Girls Who Are Exploring the Period of Approach 5 These Things You Should Do Generally, those who start the approach are men, but there's really no harm if the girl starts PDKT first. If you are classified as an aggressive type and dare to take the first step, you also have to do business that is harder than the girls who are waiting for a person who invites approach.

But when the guy you like turns out to have a crush on you and is trying to approach you. You also can't go wrong, so you don't make a slow retreat. In order for your approach period to run smoothly and he is even more convinced to get you, these 5 things you should do.

1. No matter how much you are initiative to invite him to go first, at least one can signal your interest with him

How can he know you have the same taste or not if only he is actively inviting to hang out. Do not always be a business, sometimes you also need to invite him to go out. At least if your response to him is good.

It can also be an implied sign for him that not only does he himself save feelings. You don't need to tame the pigeons just now, but you have to become confused and slowly disappear if you don't show the same interest.

2. Stay away from attitudes that make a guy uncomfortable and lost, like possessive or like to organize everything

We recommend that in times of approach like that you should not be too quick to show your negative side to him, his name is also another approach. You can be jealous, just as much as possible you can control the jealousy so that it doesn't overflow and make you look possessive. If you immediately show possessive attitude and like to organize, maybe he also thinks twice about inventing you. If you don't feel comfortable when you know he's on the same road, sarcastically just shay

"Yesterday I saw you with a girl out of college, who? The focus is really the way to be called not to see (even though mah doesn't call) "

3. While approaching while being a good friend, it's really good, but don't want to be stuck in the friendzone for a long time, yeah

What's wrong with the approach period that you live also doubles your role as a good friend too? Generally the PDKT goal is for dating, but no one knows also that the approach period will lead to dating or just a good friend. After all, it wouldn't hurt to be a good friend too, besides adding to your relationship you also know new things from him.

Instead, the guy will feel more suitable when you feel you can be a good friend. Yes it's like, being a partner of the boy when he was playing his hobby. If that's the case, you're obviously not allowed to miss the target. Just wait, he said, just love me.

4. There are times when you have to make him curious and not always open so he doesn't get bored with your figure

Do not reveal too much about yourself at the time of approach, just let it little by little you open yourself. You also have to be able to give a little distance on the intensity of the chats and the intensity of the meeting. It doesn't have to be met every day and every time chattingan, bored too long.

So it's better, don't be too aggressive over the approach period. Let the taste flow as it is and you also need to actively ask about him. Because he will feel cared for when you also want to know about him.

5. Ideally, the approach will run 3 months. If there is no status in this period, there's no harm in asking for clarity.

It's comfortable to spread when you are with him, you also clearly understand what he feels for you. When it comes to the count of months your relationship is also not clear where you want to go, there's no harm why you talk about it from heart to heart with it.

After all, you also have feelings that can't just be hung up. Do not want to establish a relationship without clarity because it will not benefit you, there is only eating, but if he can firmly express his feelings to you and according to your expectations. Yeay, congratulations on having a new day with him.

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