Flightradar24, Applications that Can Tracking Aircraft Position When Airing. Must be on your cellphone
30 Oktober 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 253
Flightradar24, Applications that Can Tracking Aircraft Position When Airing. Must be on your cellphone The news of grief enveloped the world of aviation in the homeland. This morning the Lion Air JT610 plane from Jakarta to Pangkalpinang lost contact at 06.33 WIB after 13 minutes of airing. Not long after, the Basarnas confirmed that the Lion Air JT610 had fallen into the waters of the Java Sea, not far from Karawang.

The fall of Lion Air's aircraft can then be confirmed in the global flight service application, Flightradar24. In the application, it appeared that Boeing 737 Max 8 JT610 aircraft had lost contact in the Bekasi-Kerawang waters. This time Hipwee will not discuss this aircraft crash update but will explain the importance of Flightradar24 application in the aviation world. What are the benefits?

Flightradar24 is a global flight service application based in Sweden. This application can check flight data around the world

The case of the fall of the Lion Air JT610 plane today is sad news for the Indonesian aviation world. But this tragedy on the one hand catapulted Flightradar24 as a site that provided information about the crash of the plane. This Swedish application and website is used as a reference and information about aircraft routes before falling in Karawang waters. This site not only displays the route but also the distance, speed and height of the airplane that is on the air.

At the most basic level, you can review information on flight status in real time such as scheduled and actual departure and arrival times, plus individual flight routes, speeds and heights. This will make it easier for you to take frequent flights. Moreover, you can download it on Playstore for free.

Flightradar is quite helpful for you, especially travelers, who often take flight to get the latest information from a flight. One of them is the safety of an aircraft to the destination https://www.hipwee.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/hipwee-tweet_20181029_173557.mp4

The loss of contact with Lion Air aircraft this morning was also clearly recorded on Flightradar24. Its speed increased dramatically while its height dropped so fast (400 knots) that this aircraft indicated a free fall and then collapsed after hitting the ocean. This information can be a picture for the victim's family to monitor JT610 when it starts broadcasting.

Apart from today's unfortunate events, Flightradar is indeed very informative. Basic flight information is already available in the application. For those of you who often travel by plane it is certainly very important for this application. You can also know flight history. So it was discovered that your plane was where and what the habit was. For example, in the past few days the plane that you will ride often has a delay, so don't be surprised if your plane also delays on that day. Flightradar24 is also useful for your family where they can monitor the flight you are using.

It turns out that not a few people have used Flightradar24 for aircraft tracking. For those who often take flight, it's very important

My dad is a flight attendant when he was young. Existed's had this app back then, I would probably have it more. Whoever invented @ flightradar24, thank you.

- miund (@miund) October 29, 2018

How do you use this application? It's simple, you just need to write the flight number in the Flightradar24 search column. Then the application will display a yellow airplane icon and where it is located. You can also see the time, height and speed. If you are waiting for your plane to arrive, you can know how long the flight delay from the image displayed by Flightradar24. Give your flight number to your family or partner so that he monitors your safety through the same application. If the icon of the yellow plane has reached its destination and stopped, that is the sign the plane arrived safely. Easy isn't it?

It turns out that quite a lot of people use the application like @miund cuitan above including the reply that indicates Flightradar24 is not a foreign facility for a traveler. For the sake of making it easier to monitor flight safety, why not?

Not only to ensure aircraft safety, Flightradar24 will also make it easier for you to pick up at the airport

Don't want it, do you wait too long at the airport when picking up your family or friends? Especially if the plane also has a delay of several hours which eventually makes a mess of your other activities. Mending you check every 5 or 10 minutes at Flightradar24. Armed with boarding pass photos (just know the flight number), you can check the position of the plane you're waiting for. Interestingly again, on Flightradar24 also mentions the estimated time when the plane arrived. Even when delay, the estimated time remains. When the plane has almost landed, you just leave for the airport to pick up your family or friends. Easy and very helpful. Moreover, HP cannot be activated while on a plane.

This unfortunate incident this morning has raised Flightradar24 as a site and application that is useful for passengers on the plane after the information is accurate and used by many parties. Well, it's your turn to download this application on your cellphone. Tell your wife or husband and make sure he monitors the flight you are using via Flightradar24. Not a promotion, but something positive is worth recommending? Right?

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