Festive Cheap Tips Buy Halal Food in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam. Mari Travelers Come Together
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Festive Cheap Tips Buy Halal Food in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam. Mari Travelers Come Together Vietnam is known as a communist country in southeast Asia. Many tourists from Indonesia are reluctant to visit there because of their concerns about halal food that is hard to come by when visiting Vietnam. For those of you who travel to Malaysia or Singapore more often you will not be worried, because there are still many local Muslim communities and halal restaurants and stalls located in various corners of the city. Then, what about Vietnam?

If you want to visit Ho Chi Min City or also known as Saigon, it's good for you to find out beforehand what halal food is available there. In some places such as tourist centers it is not too difficult to find halal restaurants in the middle east style. However, the price offered is far more expensive than other foods. For those of you who have a lot of money, this might not be a problem, then what if backpackers visit Ho Chi Min City for the first time and look for cheap halal food?

Backpacker tourists will usually stay in the Pam Ngu Lao area in District 1 of Ho Chi Min city, which is about 15 minutes from the international airport Tan So Naht. In the district there are usually many cheap lodging with varying prices. Middle Eastern halal food can be easily found on one of the street corners in this district. However, the price can be four times the price of local halal prices that you can find elsewhere.

For those of you who want to walk a little further, you can walk to the mosque which was established by Indonesian and Malaysian Muslim associations in Ho Chi Min City. The mosque is called Al-Rahim Mosque which is located not far from Ben Tahn Market. Simply walk for 15 minutes or around 500 meters, you will find this mosque on the side of the road. This mosque is quite large and in the vicinity there are some Vietnamese-style halal street foods that are managed or sold by Singaporeans of Muslim descent.

The price of food sold is very cheap, around 20,000 VND - 30,000 VND. Compared to the price of food in tourist areas ranging from 80,000 VND-125,000 VND. Regarding the feeling you don't need to worry, because these foods are very tasty and can still be enjoyed by the Indonesian tongue. Some sellers can still speak Malay, while others can only speak Vietnamese. Drinking water is offered free of charge, but if you want to drink more you just need to order it to the seller. For the price of drinks depends on the type of beverage itself.

How at this time, are you still hesitant to visit Vietnam especially Ho Chi Min City? If you are still confused about how to find the address of the mosque, you can use the Google Map facility by pointing to the address "Al Rahim mosque , 45 Nam K Kh i Ngh a, Ph ng Nguy n Th i B n, Qu n 1, H Ch Minh, Vietnam".

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