Fertile Men: Time and Sign of Sperm Again and Again. Ready to fertilize this
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Fertile Men: Time and Sign of Sperm Again and Again. Ready to fertilize this Most people assume that fertility is a girl's business. In fact, guys also have a calculation of the fertile period in which their sperm are in the best condition and have a high chance of fertilizing an egg. It's just that, the fertile period of a guy doesn't have time for sure, unlike a girl whose fertile period can be determined when and for how long, so it's easy to calculate it.

In guys, as long as he still produces sperm with good quality and in sufficient quantities, then it can be considered that he is in fertility. Hipwee Tips will guide you to find out when and how a guy is in prime condition to fertilize an egg. Who knows you are pregnant again, right?

1. Guys do not have a monthly cycle like girls, but there is a special time where male sperm will be better quality

Sperm is very sensitive to changes in temperature. The testes must be at a temperature of 1-2 degrees lower than the body temperature in order to produce sufficient quality sperm. Therefore, the number of male sperm will increase when the temperature is cold. When it comes to the time of day, the best fertile period for men is early to early morning, where the temperature is cooler than other times.

As reported by Liputan 6, that men who have s*x at 6 am have increased testosterone levels by 15 percent. Meanwhile, Gabrielle Downey, consultant gynecologist at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS, said that the peak for guys to have s*x is 7am. The condition is, guys have to sleep enough at night so that testosterone production also increases.

2. The fertile period of a guy is predicted to occur on the 3rd day until the 7th day after sperm comes out of the reproductive organs

Disclosed by Mediskus, that having s*xual intercourse regularly will maintain sperm quality, but with your halal partner. But not every day too, sperm released every 3 to 4 times a week is allegedly better quality. Sperm that is released with a distance that is too tight is said to be immature. This regular ejaculation will remove old sperm and replace it with new, healthier sperm so that the fertile period is maintained.

3. Guys who have a normal sperm structure will be more likely to fertilize the egg

Sperm cells have a special structure to be able to move toward the egg and fertilize it. Normally, the form of sperm that supports conception consists of an oval-shaped head and a long tail, at a glance like a tadpole. But if it's not like this, then the movement won't be good either. If you are a fertile guy, you generally have more than 50 percent of normal sperm. This will be known through microscopic examination in the laboratory.

4. If the number of sperm meets the standard quantity of sperm every time ejaculation, then it can be said that the guy is in the fertile period

Ideally, a man who is in the fertile period can remove up to 15 million sperm cells per milliliter. The amount of sperm in one ejaculation greatly affects the likelihood of success in fertilizing the partner's egg, even though there is only one cell that can eventually fertilize. If the amount is less than this amount, then the possibility of being able to fertilize it will also be smaller. To find out, you can check with the laboratory, huh!

5. The fertile period of a man is also determined by good sperm movement so that it can reach the egg and fertilize it

Sperm cells must move agile in order to reach the egg cells that are in the fallopian tubes that are located some distance from where ejaculation is. At least, 40 percent of all sperm must have good movement. This sperm cell must remain alive and move through the mouth of the uterus, uterus, and fallopian tubes so that it can eventually reach the egg and fertilize it. To know whether your sperm movements are good or not, check the lab again, yeah!

Actually, you and your partner don't need to worry very much about morning or night as a time to connect. Focus on how to maintain sperm quality and quantity by applying a healthy diet and lifestyle. It is even better to first talk about the fertile period with a partner, so that they can adjust their time to the success of the pregnancy program being undertaken. Good luck, yeah!

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