Extreme, Passenger Cabin Concept That Can Be Apart from the Airplane. Realistic or Just a Fantasy
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Extreme, Passenger Cabin Concept That Can Be Apart from the Airplane. Realistic or Just a Fantasy The accident of Lion Air JT610 plane for Pangkalpinang from Jakarta last Monday shocked the world of aviation. This tragedy was quite tragic and heartbreaking considering there were 189 passengers and cabin crew who were victims. The debris of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane floats in Karawang waters and the wreck of the main plane has not been found to date. Survivors cannot yet be found by Basarnas.

It is undeniable that today many people feel afraid to board a plane. The information that was reported massively like this made paranoid people board the plane and chose to use other modes of transportation. You don't want to take the plane too? Don't be afraid to fly, yeah.

Speaking of aircraft safety, there was a fairly radical idea from a Ukrainian flight engineer, Vladimir Tatarenko. He has worked for 3 years to find a new formula for airplanes, namely planes with cabins that can escape. How come it works?

A few years ago a crazy idea came from Vladimir Tatarenko. He initiated an aircraft cabin that could escape the fuselage when an emergency occurred

The crashed plane is a nightmare of all the passengers of the plane. The fall of Lion Air is certainly a nightmare for the world of Indonesian aviation. After all this time there was no sad news, now the tragedy also came. Nobody wants a bad plane. It should be noted, any sophisticated aircraft can still have an accident. Like the Boeing 737 Max 8 owned by Lion Air, which only airs for about 2 months.

Fear of a passenger when an engine problem occurs is the inability to do something to save himself. As if the passenger had to surrender with bad luck when the plane was unable to fly and had to fall. Efforts to find the idea of saving passengers have always emerged from many experts. One of them, Vladimir Tatarenko, a flight expert from Ukraine, initiated a radical concept. He had the idea that the cabin could be removed from the fuselage. Wow, what is the technicality like?

The cabin will be released after an emergency warning from the aircraft captain. This cabin then flies with a parachute that will bring it slowly down

The cabin will be released once there is an emergency warning from the pilot captain driving the plane. The cabin containing the passenger will fly with a parachute that immediately functions when the cabin escapes the main structure of the aircraft. Cabin can slowly go down to land or sea. In theory this is an attractive solution for flight safety.

When landing, a buoy appears that coats the bottom of the cabin so that it is secure when it is attached to the ground. Passengers survived on the mainland

The cabin will slowly drop to the ground using a parachute. If going down to the vast land will be easier. It is only feared if it comes down in a place that is difficult to reach, it can be a cliff, a volcano, or even a cliff. The problem will be easier if it lands on water because it can float with an existing float. But can this really be used? Let's discuss the other side.

Is this not realistic? Or is it just an idea full of imagination that is difficult to implement in the aircraft industry?

There are some facts that are actually contradictory to the cabin concept regardless of the structure of this aircraft. First, most planes experienced accidents in critical moments, namely take off and landing. Only 3% of events originated from engine failure. Even though this concept can be done if there is an engine failure. Second, most aircraft accidents occur due to human error, which is 80%. There is no meaning to the cabin unless the pilot fails to control the aircraft. Third, three-quarters of aircraft accidents are at the moment of take off and landing so releasing the cabin in a location close enough to the ground can be dangerous to residential areas or urban areas. Then if the cabin actually fell into the city, how did the main plane land?

In practice, technology is too complicated to build cabin concepts that can be released. Making a safe bolt for the cabin as well as easy to remove is not a simple matter. In addition, the manufacturing costs will be very expensive. Not worth the benefits, which may not be used in certain situations.

As an illustration of the cabin concept that can be released, try to see the video below

The problem is one more, what is the fate of the pilot and copilot? Hehehe.

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