Explore the Rows of Murals in the City of Melaka which are famous. Colorful and Instagramable Abis
03 November 2018 Dinilint Travel 296
Explore the Rows of Murals in the City of Melaka which are famous. Colorful and Instagramable Abis Malaysia has always been the choice for traveling abroad for Indonesians. This neighboring country has various facilities for every traveler who is traveling there. A good transportation system and vigorous promotion make many people like to spend time on vacation in Malaysia. Not to mention if you ride the red budget airlines, most of the flight routes require you to transit in Kuala Lumpur.

Melaka is only about a 3 hour bus ride from KL. If you are in transit in KL, taking the time to take a day out in Melaka can be an exciting choice. Melaka has a very well-maintained and beautiful old city complex. Even along the banks of the river are decorated with various kinds of murals or street art, which are cool. Come on, take Hipwee on a trip to Melaka.

Melaka entered the UNESCO World Heritage Site list since 2008. There are many old buildings that still stand proudly to this day in Melaka.

As a city contested by various countries ranging from the Netherlands, Portugal and England, Melaka is thick with colonial nuances. Old antique buildings, straight and neat streets, and beautiful river paths, seem to bring us to the past. Yep, first this place was full of conflicts and always changed owners. Now, the remnants of the past are what make this city the title of UNESCO World Heritage City.

Cultural backgrounds of Portuguese, Dutch and English combined with Malay and Chinese cultures make Melaka rich in culture, including the design of the building.

In 2012 the Melaka government made the River Art Project which produced interesting art street in Melaka. A total of 9 artists were involved in making various street art. The results are amazing. Here are some photos of those who will make your Instagram feed nice.

Art street you can easily find in Melaka city, one of them is art street with this used car

The most street art that can be found in Melaka is colorful murals painted on the walls in old buildings in Melaka.

One of the murals is always a favorite busy to take pictures in front of the Kiehls shop. The yellow tone of the mural that blends with the plants around it intagramable really.

In the past the river held an important history in trade in Melaka. Until now, many interesting cafes are ready to welcome tourists to sit around while drinking juice along the riverbank.

You can also take a boat trip to feel the thrill of sailing in the Melaka River and see art street along the river from different angles. So you know why there are lots of murals and street art along the river.

Brightly colored murals can also be found on Jonker Street. Try to walk along Jonker Street and find the colors of Melaka that make Gatel pose, photograph, upload Instagram

Melaka has many exciting spots that are colorful. The way to get to Melaka is also very easy, just take a bus to Melaka from KLIA, pay 35 RM, and sit around for about 3 hours. To get to the old city area, you can just take a bus in the counter no.17. It's easy? Come on, play!

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