Exclusive Chat with Hipwee with Ayudia Ditto: No Helper in Care for Children That Can, which Is Important Compact and Happy
04 November 2018 Raisa Angelin Young Mom 248
Exclusive Chat with Hipwee with Ayudia Ditto: No Helper in Care for Children That Can, which Is Important Compact and Happy Who says being a parent is easy? Especially in the millennial era, where parents are required to be more dynamic and have a multitude of activities besides children. Although supporting technology has become more advanced and easier, still being a formidable parent is easy, because we must prepare our children in the future to face tighter competition.

As millennial parents, of course there are many challenges that we must face, which are certainly different from our parents' experiences. Luckily Hipwee had the opportunity to have an intimate chat with a couple of hits, Ayudia Bing Slamet and Ditto Percussion who some time ago intentionally stopped by Yogyakarta to attend the 2018 annual Land of Leisure event. What is the parenting style of a couple who has the hashtag # Friends in raising his son, Sekala? Check out the results of chatting Hipwee with Ayu and Ditto this time!

1. Who says being a parent is busy and busy working can't handle children alone? Ayudia and Ditto have proven they can!

Even though they were busy with their respective projects and projects, like their latest music project, Listen to Him and the vlog of the #temood family got married on their Youtube channel, it turned out that Ayu and Ditto chose to remain committed to taking care of both children without the help of a helper. Even when deciding to go on vacation abroad, both of them choose to keep taking care of just the same time without special assistance from your babysitter.

2. They said they were so much like parents. The point is, happy!

"If asked for more likes or grief, obviously there is more to love ..." - Ayu

Well, to overcome the challenges as millennial parents, according to Ayu, happiness yourself is the key. Especially in the face of the phase of the child who is now starting to get tantrum often, trying to understand that it is normal is one of the tricks. By being a happy person, it will be easier to be calm and calm when facing various children's reactions that change with growth.

3. Ditto said, "No teaching, just sharing!" Sharing via social media is not sinful, as long as the intention is to share it, not patronize

"We are rarely really sharenting. We almost never give out everything related to parenting on our social media. Except when someone asks on our social media about how it doesn't work, bring a vacation child, then we answer. "- Ayu

Instead of talking at length about things about parenting in cyberspace, both agreed to prefer sharing around daily life. Ditto also added that both of them did not want to seem too patronizing about parenting on social media. Sharing about their daily life and inspiring is okay, but it doesn't necessarily give advice that seems to patronize the parents out there.

4. Speaking of parenting styles, both agreed to combine modern and traditional styles. Not too stiff, the important thing is according to the needs of the child

"There are several aspects of traditional foster care that we live in, some are still maintained. There are modern styles that we use, some are not. More adapted to the needs of children, anyway. "- Ayu

Before applying the parenting style, Ayu and Ditto agreed to recognize themselves first, such as how to be angry and how to teach children. The point is both of them try to adjust and become a good example before demanding that children grow according to what they want. Uniquely, both of them also applied the method of reverse psychology parenting in nurturing Sekala and it is said that this is quite effective!

5. No need to hurry up and marry your own friend because the #take tag is married! Eh, this is the word Ayudia and Ditto lo

"Even though we are friends, we are married, but we don't suggest Hipwee friends out there to marry their own friends. The same as anyone can, as long as each person is full and becomes a whole person. Like me when I met Ditto, I have become a whole person. Ditto too. So when you meet, you can collaborate. Don't ever bother people, just be happy and satisfied alone before deciding to unite with someone. "- Ayu

"Being sensitive to the surrounding environment is more important than just getting upset about getting married. Knowing yourself is also important, before you decide to unite and marry someone. When we are satisfied with living and confident in our lives, then we can dare to invite someone to get married. "- Ditto

Getting married is not a race, and it's not someone else who is the benchmark. When you are satisfied with yourself, satisfied with all your dreams and relationships with people around you, then you can think about being united with others. An intact figure when united with another intact figure will be a shaky collaboration. Conversely, when each is still looking for unity and maximal unity, it is actually not fun. Duh, we really agree with the thought of the Papa duo Mama shaking this!

Even though it was short, Hipwee was very happy to have talked with an inspiring partner, @dittopercussion and @ayudiac. For those of you who are curious about the Hipwee interview video with them, you can watch it here! Hopefully the results of this Hipwee chat can give you new insights, the prospective Mama-Papa millennial. Come on, don't worry anymore, about getting married and having a household

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