Even though It Often Makes Upset, But Sometimes Bawel Girls Ngangenin . 7 This Guy Opinion The proof
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Even though It Often Makes Upset, But Sometimes Bawel Girls Ngangenin . 7 This Guy Opinion The proof In dealing with a relationship there are striking differences from girls and boys. You certainly already understand that generally girls are naughty towards couples, while boys are ignorant of their girlfriends. It is this difference that often becomes the anxiety of each; the girl complains that the guy is ignorant, while the guy complains about the bitterness of his girlfriend.

But this time, Hipwee will discuss the attitude of the girl. Because there are not a few guys who think there is a girl's sobriety which actually makes a miss, especially when the distance is separating. Well, what are you going to say about it, a girl's sobriety that is said to be annoying, but actually it is a shame for a guy? Do you think there's the same thing or not with your silence to mas boyfriend? Curious? Let's see together.

1. Even though I like to be annoyed because you teased your guy about the cleanliness of the room, but it turns out there is something that actually missed you

He always takes care of the cleanliness of the room, if you see my room is messy he grumbles. The others are just like having a haircut, tell you to use perfume if you are walking ... Make it go crazy because if you find it, it must be discussed with him. -Hertando, Confidential, Graphic Design

2. Not all guys really remember when they are reminded to keep on going, there are also those who consider it as a form of affection from their boyfriend

Girls usually keep on eating, keeping prayers, asking 'where else?' Or announcing 'don't forget' if you don't know where you are. The point is that you should always keep on going, this is what makes you miss because I feel that I mean a lot to him. That's real proof of love. - Reality Prawira, Secret, Content writer

3. Your concern for body hygiene issues is sometimes something that is always remembered by guys. Evidently, this works for one of these respondents

He also often teased the problem of brushing his teeth before going to bed. Every night before going to bed, always remember. Even so far, he never missed the message. Ha ha. Funny. -Andrall, 26th, Editor

4. From the cigarette problem to being lazy to take a shower, so many guys become accustomed to remembering the changes made to their boyfriends

Bawel, when it comes to cigarettes, wakes up late, doesn't carry a wallet, doesn't like showering. Because when I got used to doing what he suggested, so I often wanted it if I used to do this because he was haha .. -Kokoyawo, 22th, Komika

5. You usually complain that your body is getting more stretchy, you don't need to worry, even though your guy is upset, sometimes this is what makes him miss you

I'm most unfortunate if a girl complains about weight problems. It's just confused, you want to gym but don't walk. Because of that sport, I like to be led, uh, I keep remembering. -Esta, 23th, Student

6. Guys sometimes like to be careless about personal safety issues, also indifferent in caring for appearance. Remind this so he sees how much you care.

Ngingetin don't use a headset if you ride a motorbike again, because it used to be almost collisions from my headset and pull the tire. Keep telling me to use a mask with care using the make up tools that he gave, at first I was bored but for a long time I used to be and it became my routine. -Apoy, 22th, Thesis Fighters

7. Although not every guy, but some like it if the girl reminds her when she is wrong. The relationship is indeed supposed to remind each other

What is it ... oh this ... usually I miss (swearing) it's on the road if there is a driver who is slippery, now he always reminds me not to be angry. Then ... the most food problem is telling me to eat vegetables to be healthy. Sometimes it is important that there is something else that can be remembered, so we don't go too far.

- Yosa, 25th, Musician

From the survey it was proven that not all of your sobriety is annoying for guys. Although guys often look right when they are nagging, but it turns out this is what your guy often remembers. Yes, it seems that as long as your kebelan is still a natural stage and has good intentions for your boyfriend, there's no problem for your guy.

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