Easy Troubles, 5 Techniques to Fight Avocados Are Believed to Make Fast Ripe
05 November 2018 Meily Rohmatun Tips 412
Easy Troubles, 5 Techniques to Fight Avocados Are Believed to Make Fast Ripe Avocados are fruit that cannot mature trees, so they must be picked and stored until cooked or broiled. This ripening process occurs because of the presence of ethylene gas released by the fruit. So the more ethylene gas that covers it, the faster the fruit ripens. Well, it's not just avocados that have ethylene gas, other fruits like apples and bananas also have it.

Then how do you squeeze the avocado to make it mature evenly and not rot fast? Some of the methods below are worth trying!

Note: it would be better if the avocado to be brooded is still raw with the characteristics of still fresh green fruit skin. But if it's half done, the length of storage can be adjusted accordingly!

1. Use the old way! That is by immersing avocado into rice

This method is an avocado method that has been used by Indonesian people for a long time. Ethylene gas is trapped plus the warm temperature in rice can make avocados ripen quickly. Papaya, banana and mango can also be cooked using this method. If you don't use rice, you can replace it with flour.

Put the rice in a prepared container until it's half full. Put the avocado on the rice, then put the rice again until it buries the avocado. Close the container until it's tight, then take the avocado after 2-3 days.

2. Covering the end of the avocado with tissue is one of the popular tricks. Have you tried it?

The end of the avocado stem is the trough which is rotten because it is easily contaminated with air and bacteria from the outside. Well, this method will maximize fruit ripening by minimizing decay which often starts from the end of the fruit.

Cut the ends of the stalks to stimulate the release of ethylene gas. The scars are tightly closed with tissue and duct tape to prevent oxidation which makes the fruit flesh rot. Store in a dark room, then check the results after about 2 days.

3. Piercing the avocado with a toothpick can also be an alternative to ripen the fruit quickly

Why are you stabbed? So, injuring the fruit will speed up the fruit ripening process. For example, the part of the fruit that is bruised will definitely be softer than the others. Well, this toothpick works to replace the stalk. That said, avocados still feel there is a tree so it ripens faster. Although it sounds strange, this method is proven to make fruit ripen fast, often practiced on jackfruit and sapodilla. This method is quite easy, but the disadvantage is that the meat on the puncture marks will be slightly blackened.

Insert a toothpick that has been cleaned on the former stem until it penetrates into the avocado seeds. Then leave it in a dark place for about 2-3 days until tender.

4. Save the avocado with other ripe fruit wrapped tightly

Ethylene gas released by ripe fruit will accelerate the avocado ripening process. You can use bananas, apples, tomatoes or papaya. But if for example there are no fruits above, just put the avocado into a tightly closed paper bag can also be an alternative.

Put the avocado together with one of the fruits: bananas, apples, tomatoes or papaya in a paper bag. Wrap tightly and store in a closet. Open the bag after 2 or 3 days later.

5. Avocados can also be cooked by putting them in your oven or microwave! Suitable if you are going to use avocado as a cooking ingredient

In an oven or microwave, the fruit will be heated with high temperature so that the fruit flesh becomes soft. But the results will be different from the avocado taste which was marred in previous ways. So it's more suitable to be cooked or processed again, not to be eaten directly.

By oven:

Preheat oven to medium temperature. Wrap the avocado with aluminum foil, then heat it in the oven for about 10 minutes.


Heat microwave with medium temperature. Avocado sticks with a fork. Cover the microwave dish with a tissue or cloth and place the avocado on top. Heat until cooked.

Some of the techniques to squeeze the avocados above certainly have different levels of success depending on the avocado being brooded, the room temperature, as well as the process of squeezing it. What needs to be considered is the condition of the avocado, whether the avocado is still raw or undercooked. This is to determine how long the avocado will be stored. Because if you check the avocado that is being brooded too often, ethylene gas will escape so that it slows the ripening process of the avocado.

Well, if there are pieces of ripe avocado that won't be consumed, you can store them in the refrigerator by soaking them in the juice of lemon juice to prevent oxidation, don't forget to put it in an airtight container But if there is a raw avocado that has already been cut, calm down, just make these recipes

Thus, hopefully it is useful!

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