Easy Tricks to Make Blurred Lips , Lips that Look Luber and Far from Neat
29 Oktober 2018 Meily Rohmatun Style 269
Easy Tricks to Make Blurred Lips , Lips that Look Luber and Far from Neat Bored with lip polish style with clear and precise lip lines? You can try the blurred lips trick, which later hits again. This technique has actually been around since last year which was first made by a MUA, Var Garland who collaborated with one of Preens's Fall 2017's famous cosmetic brands. At that time, this trend was called snogged lips, smudged lips, popsicle lips, or even worn in lips. Some even refer to it as French kiss lips because the end result is like just kissing, ups!

I wonder what, what kind of lip polishing technique that hits again this year? Come on, head over to the following Hipwee Style review!

Unlike the usual use of lipstick that always avoids heavy lipstick, this trend is intentionally making the lips not neat

Maybe you are getting bored or tired of using lipstick with precise lip lines or overdrawn and made thick by Kylie Jenner, this trend can be an option. Instead of looking neat with firm lip lines, blurred lips actually display the outline of the lips that fade so that it looks blurry. This style also looks like the appearance of the lips after eating ice cream or lollipop, so the color is still noticeable but rather fades on the lip line. It's a bit too complicated ...

It often appears on various runways, the tricks to make blurred lips are easy and and don't need to use special products or tools

The stage for making blurred lips is actually similar to Korean-style lips Ombre. Equally polishing the lipstick in the middle of the lips then blended out, the difference is the ombre lips need to use foundation or concealer to cover the edges of the lips, for the look of charming lips ala blurred lips you just just pat the lips out of the line.

It's really easy! Use lip stain or lip tint (to make it easy to blend) just focus on the center of the lips. Use the middle finger to blend lip stain or lip tint to the entire lips. Pat it until it's completely coated. Apply it to the outside of the lip line using a small brush to make it look thinner and seem overflowing to reach the beautiful illusion of blurred lips. Add colorless lip gloss to a more glossy finish.

If you have applied the blurred lips technique, then you no longer need to add too much makeup because the appearance of your lips has attracted attention

It's okay to add freckles to contain more of the center of your face

This lip style is suitable for those of you who have thick lips!

A matte finish without even lip gloss is still small!

This style can also be used to enhance the look of a sunkissed look that will look stunning when exposed to light

Even though it looks easy, you need to pay close attention when mixing lip stain or lip tint so it doesn't look messy. So still have to be careful and careful so that the mix on the edge of the lip line can be evenly distributed and look natural, fresh, and not overdone. Good luck, yes!

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