Don t panic if your motive strikes suddenly. This is the Lo 7 Causes and How to Overcome It
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Don t panic if your motive strikes suddenly. This is the Lo 7 Causes and How to Overcome It One day you were busy driving with your favorite motorbike, then suddenly your ride coughed and finally broke down on the way. Upset? Of course yes. Panic? Number one!

"Wow, why is this? Is this feeling good? Do you not understand the engine anymore, how about it ??!

* At the end of the phone people / friends / girlfriend (if you have one) *

Actually you don't need to panic, wait and keep quiet for a while, then check some common causes that make the motorbike like the following.

1. Try checking the gasoline tank first, who knows if it runs out of fuel but you are not aware

It sounds trivial, but running out of gas is one of the main reasons why the motorbike breaks suddenly.

So before panicking, check your gas tank first, who knows if it's running out and you don't realize it.

Especially those of you whose gasoline indicator is off, you have to check it often before your bike crashes and suddenly dies suddenly.

2. Check the gasoline faucet, who knows it is still closed which inhibits the flow of gasoline

Actually, this case rarely happens, except that it happens that the faucet is intentionally closed to rest the motorbike or you are being tricked. But why can it still live when the faucet is closed? Yes, it could be because in the carburetor there is still leftover gasoline. Well, if the remaining gasoline in the carburetor has run out, you can be sure your bike will go on strike.

Make sure the gasoline tap is facing down or in the ON position, yes!

3. Another problem that often occurs is the ventilation of clogged gasoline tanks

Don't need to think about weight, try checking your gas tank cover first. In the tank cover there is a small hole that functions as a ventilator or breathing to equalize the pressure inside and outside the tank so as to avoid a vacuum in case the gasoline is reduced. Well, if this small hole is closed, so there is no air circulation and finally the gasoline is stuck so it can't flow to the carburetor. Usually due to dust coming from outside or there is moisture entering this channel.

Clean the tank lid by blowing it or going to the tire repairman and then giving the wind spray with the compressor.

4. The jet is clogged or the supply of fuel is blocked from the tank to the carburetor

Enter the somewhat complicated stage. So, the main jet is a small sized channel whose function is to remove gasoline from the buoy space into the intake manifold. If this channel is clogged, gasoline won't automatically run and eventually break down. The reason could be due to the quality of the fuel or dirt in the tank. To be safe, find a garage to ask for help disassemble the carburetor and clean the main jet section.

Choose fuel with octane levels above 92 like Pertamax to avoid lead blockage so that the combustion process is more perfect.

5. Spark plug wires that have problems aka don't produce electric sparks

Spark plug cable is one of the ignition elements that affects the running of the engine. Before removing the spark plug, check the ignition circuit first by removing the spark plug cable that attaches to the spark plug cop. Hold the end of the cable to the metal part of the engine or engine block (just hold it close, don't stick). several times. If the spark plug cable is right, there will be sparks from the gap between the ends of the cable. If sparks don't appear, try to bring them closer to the metal. But if the fire hasn't come out yet, then there's something wrong with the ignition system. Take it to the workshop immediately.

6. Dirty or clogged spark plugs that make a short circuit and the engine turns off quickly, it could also be due to improper installation

Spark plugs are one of the ignition components that make the motor become brebet and the 'shoot' exhaust if it's problematic. Check by removing the spark plug with the spark plug then close it to the engine block, then leave it. If the spark plug splashes the fire in blue, it means healthy plugs. If the spark is red, it means it's problematic. Immediately to the nearest patchworker to clean it.

How: Flush the spark plug head with gasoline (just a little, do not dip). Clean the crust or the rest of the carbon burning with a wire brush, then flush again to remove the remnants of the crust. Last, spray the spark plug with the compressor and dry it. Check whether it's still firing or not. If it's still good, you can use it again. But if it's still red, look for a garage to replace the spark plug according to your motorcycle specifications.

7. The engine is too hot or overheated due to clogged oil circulation

Hot temperatures arise from the combustion system or from piston friction. This condition makes the heat unable to be damped with lubricants so that the temperature rises quickly, as a result the piston expands and jams. Make sure you are available with engine oil when you are going to outsmart it. Wait for the engine to cool completely. Remove the spark plug, insert oil through the hole to lubricate the clogged piston. Turn on the motor using an electric starter.

Actually there are still some causes of a sudden breakdown of the motor, like other ignition sources that have problems such as CDI, coil, spool, or kiprok. It can also be from the valve or component settings in a dirty or problematic carburetor. But if for this matter, you need mechanical assistance because the location of some of the components is inside the motorbike and to check it requires special tools.

So, if the points above are not enough to overcome your strike motorbike, just go to the workshop, don't panic and cry on the corner

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