Do Less-Less Do 5 Things to Begin This Ng , Let Your Success Not Just Be a Dream
19 September 2018 1 Success 266
Do Less-Less Do 5 Things to Begin This Ng , Let Your Success Not Just Be a Dream

How to make your dreams come true?

Most people measure what words of success they have at home? How much income does he earn each month? How many cars do he collect? and other measures that are actually not the benchmark of the word success. The word success is not a profession but, more inclined to human nature or character. One of the meanings of success in KBBI is' Lucky 'while luck itself is not obtained for free, luck is always obtained after business and work.So, what kind of characters actually represent the word success? See the following description

1. Chat which is not important aka nonsense

Talking to a successful person is not just an empty chat. Most successful people don't talk much if the chat does not have benefits or is not important to him. Chat as needed, take advantage, that's how successful people talk.

2. Daydreaming

Designing a dream may but, but not food for successful people. Nglamun is a sign of someone's confusion when they have problems and of course successful people always have a way to solve the problem. But also the activities of people who do not have activities. While a successful person may not let himself sink without activity. Always move-move-move.

3. Sleepy

Is it true, there are people who are sleepy but successful? Learning to be sleepy, want to work sleepily, nothing sleepy. There will be no work that is complete and satisfying, there is actually a delay. Sleep patterns are not good, making abnormal drowsiness. So, maintaining sleep patterns is a priority for successful people.

4. Ngowos or laziness all day!

Ngowos is Javanese from Sleep, well, if you want to succeed, don't lie down, stay lazy. There is no story about successful people who work sleeping. Successful people always improve. Learning this, learning it, failed? Try again. Always like that. Ngowos, not the level of successful people.

5. Ngolor or delay something

There are no successful people who like to color activities, tasks, jobs and others. Successful people are always on time, optimal in filling hours and of course, managing time well. For people to successfully color, time will cause damage to other agendas. Successful people are not fond of 'Ngolor something' Always right and fitting.

So, the essence of a measure of success is not wealth but, a measure of success is how qualified a person is in printing his personality. Hopefully useful!


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