Distinguish 6 types of towels available in this hotel room. Don t be confused or misused
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Distinguish 6 types of towels available in this hotel room. Don t be confused or misused Staying at a hotel has become a necessity for almost everyone, especially those who are out of office or traveling. Some daily activities, such as sleeping, bathing and eating are also done in the hotel room. To support these activities, the management certainly has provided special equipment in the hotel room. One of them is a towel or towel. As long as you know, not all towels available at the hotel are used to dry the body after bathing. Especially in luxury hotels, usually provided various types of towels that have their respective functions.

Well, instead of using it wrong, let's find out the types and functions of each towel provided in the following star-rated hotel rooms!

1. The smallest towel and it's located on the sink or cabinet table called wash cloth

Wash cloth is a small towel that is usually square. These towels are usually placed on the sink or cabinet table along with a range of amenities or other toiletries in the bathroom. This towel functions the same as a sponge, it can be to clean the face or for the whole body.

The way to wear it is by dripping soap on a moistened towel, then rubbing it on the body or just washing your face. Washing cloth is considered more effective for removing dead skin cells, rather than just rubbing soap onto the skin.

2. Different again with a hand towel whose function is to dry your hands after being washed in the sink

As the name suggests, this towel is used to dry your hands after washing them. Usually rectangular, but not too wide and hanging near the sink. Hand towels can also be used to dry your hands after washing your face or whenever your hands are wet and need to be dried. If it's been used to dry your hands, don't use it for your face, huh.

3. Well, if the bath towel size is large enough, it is used to dry the body and hair after bathing

These towels are rectangular in shape with a medium size, usually folded neatly and placed on a coat rack and towel in the bathroom. This towel is used to dry the hair after finished shampooing and upper body. Duh, it's really complicated. Then which towel does the whole body try?

4. This bath sheet is the widest, this is what you can use to wrap your entire body after taking a shower

This towel is useful for drying your entire body after bathing. Well, don't use this super wide towel to dry your hair because it will dry for a long time and have trouble wearing it again later. Usually, the management provides 2 bath sheets for one room. So, you don't need to be confused about running out of towels if you want to wrap your body after taking a shower, or if you bring a friend to stay in one room.

5. Sometimes a bath robes or bathrobe is provided so you don't have to bother wrapping a towel after taking a shower. Just wear like clothes

Some hotels, especially those with many stars, also provide bath robes or bathrobes. The material is soft so it can quickly dry out after use. Can be used after bathing or swimming. This type of bathrobe is usually also equipped with a collar and belt. If you can enjoy the spa at the hotel, you will also use this robe.

6. Both are shaped like towels, bath mat is not used for your body, but make a mat. Pay attention, yes!

This mat is also rectangular, but the size is slightly wider than the hand towel. Usually placed on the toilet or already on the floor. Remember, this towel is not for the hands or body, but for placing on the bathroom floor to avoid slipping because of the wet floor. Some hotels make bath mats of different colors, but many also provide all towels with one color only. So, don't get it wrong!

How do you know the type of hotel towels and their functions? So, don't get it wrong again. Well, if you want to ask for a towel change with a new one, just put your dirty towel on the floor, the hotel janitor will replace it when cleaning your room. Hopefully useful!

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