Diet For Men Is Impossible. These 1 People Share Tips and Photos Before After Success
02 November 2018 Ajeng Rizka Tips 428
Diet For Men Is Impossible. These 1 People Share Tips and Photos Before After Success During this diet is always synonymous with girls because most of them really really want the ideal body. It's different from guys who tend to be ignorant of their appearance and don't consider their body fat as a problem. However, if you have lost weight, you are not healthy, you are not comfortable, you don't believe in yourself, it certainly doesn't hurt to go on a diet.

An emcee as well as a well-known radio announcer in Indonesia who is familiarly called Kemal Bunder (Kemal Mochtar) is indeed identical to his round and fat figure. However, his recent performances have made many Warganet become pangling. Not long ago Kemal wrote a photo showing his body before and after dieting through a Twitter account. As a result, there are a lot of guys who 'show off' the results of their hard work and diet. I wonder how they can lose weight? Check out the description of Hipwee. The following tips!

1. Kemal Bunder lost weight from 120kg to 64.2 kg. He said the key was only one, namely consistency ...

2. Warganet with Dani Priatma's account also shared photos before and after he went on a diet. He also told me that only limiting eating and exercising as long as it is consistent is enough

3. The Bayu Septianar account enlivened by sharing photos that dropped from 81 to 63 kg. The point is that consistency lies only within yourself, not from outside

4. Because guys prefer simple ones, the main thing is that you don't need different methods. Reducing food and exercise plus the spirit of continuing to be consistent

5. Don't glare at being bald, but try to see the changes. Just enjoy the process and get the results then

6. Before you really want to be consistent you also need to change your mindset and establish your intention for a diet. If you are still half-hearted, it will be difficult ...

7. The diet also doesn't need to be delayed. Especially when you free yourself from dieting with a variety of classic reasons, don't!

8. For Kemal Bunder fans, his dieting steps are also part of inspiration. If you can, Kemal can, especially you, right?

9. Do not lose patience, diet is also not an instant thing. Kemal's follower is on a diet for two years and the results don't betray his business

10. "Big" guys also remember how they used to be. If the shape of the body is already so it's just a matter of enjoying

In essence, various diet methods and knowledge about healthy foods are important for dieting. But the most important thing is just consistency. The point is that if the determination is round, don't delay and wait patiently for the process. Maybe the trip to the skinny won't take a while, but if you're thin, you don't want to get fat anymore. Passion!

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