Defeat Singapore, Japan Now Has the Strongest Passport in the World. How about Indonesia
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Defeat Singapore, Japan Now Has the Strongest Passport in the World. How about Indonesia What does it mean for a traveler without a passport? Yep, passports are the most important document for traveling abroad. Without a passport, you can only visit destinations within the country. Can't vacation to Nepal, Korea, New Zealand or even America. For this reason a country with a strong passport will greatly help its citizens to travel the world easily. Without the need to take care of a visa, you can just go to the destination country. What else can a traveler get besides a strong passport?

Had become the strongest passport in the world, now Singapore must give up the title given to Japan. Yep, at the end of 2018 this Japanese passport is the most 'valuable' in the world because it can come to 190 countries without a visa. Japan defeats Singapore which has visa-free to 189 countries in the world. Then what about Indonesia? Indonesian passports are quite weak indeed compared to Singapore or Japan. Let's look at the list.

By the end of 2018, Japan has the strongest passport in the world. This is because the country of Sakura has got visa-free to Myanmar

Quoted from the world passport rating site, the Henley Passport Index which released its report on October 9, the Japanese passport has now received the title of the strongest passport in the world. This is because Myanmar has granted visa free to Japan so that the number of countries that can be visited with visa free or visa on arrival now amounts to 190 countries. This number defeated Singapore, which previously won it with 189 visa-free countries. Germany who are in the previous second position must also drop to third place.

Germany with France and South Korea are in position 3. The passport holders can come to 188 visa-free countries. While the United States and Britain are in position 5. Here is the complete list

The presence of Japan in the first position certainly shifted countries that are famous for their strong passports such as Singapore, Germany and the United States. Germany has to settle for 3rd place, while the United States under Trump's government seems to be less friendly with many countries, so it only ranks 6th with several European countries.

Here is the top ranking list for the 7 strongest passports in the world.

1. Japan, visa free to 190 countries

2. Singapore, visa-free to 189 countries

3. Germany, France, South Korea, visa-free to 188 countries

4. Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Spain, visa-free to 187 countries

5. Norway, United Kingdom, Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, United States, visa-free to 186 countries

6. Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Canada, visa-free to 185 countries

7. Australia, Greece, Malta, visa-free to 183 countries

What is the Indonesian passport rating? Generally increasing, but not enough to compete with other countries whose passports are far stronger

Indonesia gets visa-free to 73 countries and is in the 72nd position, a level below China whose increase has been quite significant since 2017. In Southeast Asia itself, Indonesia achieved the highest increase with the addition of 7 countries that provide visa-free or visa on arrival. Indonesia is under Singapore (ranked 2), Malaysia (10), Brunei Darussalam (20), Timor Leste (54), and Thailand (68). We are still far away from Timor Leste. Hehehe. Indonesian diplomacy must be better so that it is easy to get friends and global partners to get visa-free access.

Hopefully, Indonesia's ranking will continue to rise so that travelers can easily travel. But because the dollar is increasing, it really is better to hold off on vacation abroad. Hehehe.

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