Dear Papa Young, You Also Need to Learn to Soothe a Crying Baby. It s Not Just a Wife s Job
29 September 2018 Darin Rania Young Mom 246
Dear Papa Young, You Also Need to Learn to Soothe a Crying Baby. It s Not Just a Wife s Job The presence of a baby must be a dream for every newly married couple. The adorable and funny behavior can be an entertainment for anyone who has a new child. But of course being a new mother and father is not an easy thing. Besides being able to provide happiness, sometimes the twists and trials that block also can make parents feel overwhelmed, one of them when the baby cries incessantly. It feels confused, tired, and wants to be angry but can't.

During this time, mothers are more often the party entrusted with the responsibility to calm their crying baby. While fathers, most feel less able to replace the mother's duties. Though you can also help your mother relieve the baby's crying. Yes, counting also reduces the burden on the wife at home. The trick is actually not difficult. Following this, Hipwee Young Mom has summarized 6 simple ways that fathers can apply to calm their beloved baby. Look at it!

1. First, you need to check the cause first. Is the baby time to change diapers? Or maybe he is getting hungry?

Babies may not cry if there is no cause. Dad can check it from the most common things, like checking the baby's diaper. It could be that he cried because his diaper was full so he felt uncomfortable. Because he hasn't been able to talk and replace himself, he can only cry. Besides because the diaper is wet, another possibility is because of hunger. Wow, how do you do it? Calm down, you can try to bring your finger closer to the baby's mouth. But remember, dad's finger must be clean! Well, if he tries to reach his finger with his mouth, it can be ascertained that his stomach starts to rumble. Immediately give him to his mother to feed.

2. It sounds unnatural, but actually the baby's child likes your noise. When he cries, try daddy to make noise from the fan / hair dryer

Actually the newborn baby likes noise. This is because when he was in the womb, he was used to hearing noise from his mother's organs, such as the heart's voice, digestive system, to the bloodstream of his mother. Listening to a baby in a noisy voice resembles the buzz he said can make him feel comfortable. Dad can turn on the fan or hair dryer with a distance that is not too close to the baby. If you don't have one, you can find the source of the sound from Youtube.

3. Most fathers may already know that a baby's cry can subside when he is carried or cuddled. But in fact there are still many fathers who are not used to calming babies by holding

Do you know dad? Touches and arms directly into the baby's body can provide a safe and comfortable sensation so the baby can stop crying. In addition, this method can also strengthen the father's bond with his child. The most effective way to hold is by holding your baby's body and attaching his head to his shoulder. Don't forget to sing children's songs or soothing notes ...

4. If carrying or cradling is not enough, you can also do it while you gently massage your baby's body parts, such as your shoulders, back, or legs.

Babies can cry because they feel tired or sore. Can be due to wrong sleeping position, or accidentally overriding something. Well, if you still don't need enough to stop crying, try daddy gently massage the baby's body parts like back, shoulders, or legs. This method also says it can stimulate brain receptors and give you a calming effect!

5. Another way is to divert attention using toys, so that he forgets himself with the same cry

This method may have often been done by mothers to entertain their crying children. Relax, dad can do it too. Enough to divert attention to the toys around it. Or it could be by asking him to joke. Dad can do attractive moves or put on funny faces. The point is to make the baby forget the cry, hehe ...

6. If all methods do not work, leave it for a moment. Because it can be the baby just needs dad's attention

The reason for crying baby is not only because he feels uncomfortable. It could also be because he is in need of attention from his parents. If all the methods above do not work, you just need to leave them for a moment. Let him cry to his heart's content. But dad still has to be beside him, so he really feels cared for. If you need to invite to communicate, for example ask why he cried. Although not yet able to answer, the important thing is he knows that his father invites to talk

Taking care of a child is not only the duty of a wife. Even though my father also has the responsibility to work to fulfill his daily needs, but in his spare time there is no harm in helping the burden of the wife at home. As simple as participating in calming your little one when crying, it's already very valuable in your eyes.

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